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REALLY Know Your Customer Podcast

Tony Bodoh and Betsy Westhafer

Episode 1: What It Means To REALLY Know Your Customer

Episode 2: How Do We Grow Together? With Tim Hinckley

Episode 3: You Have To Have EXTREME Customer Centricity With Kerrie Hoffman

Episode 4: Seek Out Information That's Contradictory To Your Own Perspective With Jonathan Norton

Episode 5: Employees Are Customers, Too With Scott McGohan

Episode 6: This Is How We Become World-Class With Joe Lynch

Episode 7: Be The Trusted Partner With Matthew Evetts

Episode 8: Bringing Your Customers Into The Development Process Is A No-Brainer With Nick Ripplinger

Episode 9: Wow! They Really Do Care About Their Core Brand Experience With Mark DiMassimo

Episode 10: For My Customers To Improve, I Have To Improve With Ryan Schreiber

Episode 11: Making Your Product The Safest Choice, Part 1 With Mark S. A. Smith

Episode 12: Making Your Product The Safest Choice, Part 2 With Mark S. A. Smith

Episode 13: Using Better Customer Intelligence To Optimize Services With Jose A. Gonzalez

Episode 14: What Support Is Going To Make This Patient Relationship Successful? With Dr. Lauren Munsch Dal Farra

Episode 15: Who Your Customers Are and Who They Aren't With Jay Hornbuckle

Episode 16: My Ideal Customer Is The One Who I Can Make Successful With Ross G. D. Fulton

Episode 17: Today Value Is Created Through The Customer's Transformation With Betsy Westhafer And Tony Bodoh

Episode 18: Understanding What Your Customer Wants At Their Core With Tracy Hazzard

Episode 19: Developing Clients For Life With Ivy Slater

Episode 20: What It Means To Be An Extension Of Your Customer's Brand With Jason Chan

Episode 21: Patient Demand Advanced Healthcare By 35 Years In 7 Days With Tanya Mack

Episode 22: How To Have An Agile Mindset When Listening To The Customer With Scott Miller

Episode 23: Getting To The Root Cause In Customer Experience Analytics With Sid Banerjee

Episode 24: Evolving AI For Customers With Matt Coatney

Episode 25: How Customer Success Is Executed In Private Equity With Sirous Wadia

Episode 26: The Business Case For Loving Your Customers With John Boggs

Episode 27: The Transformation From Customer Service To GigCX With CEO Roger Beadle

Episode 28: The #1 Way To Grow Your Business With Kristy Knichel

Episode 29: A Look Back And A Look Ahead With Betsy Westhafer And Tony Bodoh

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I'm on a Mission

My mission to inspire & empower entrepreneurs to create businesses that transform lives & the world.

I am the CEO of Tony Bodoh International (TBI), a customer experience consultancy. TBI focuses on applying the science of human experience to deepen the customer relationships that build brands and grow businesses. In 2018, I was named one of the “Top Customer Service Movers and Shakers You Should Follow.”

I also serve as the Lead Strategist for The Congruity Group. Recently, I joined the marketing agency, DiMassimo Goldstein as the Senior Behavior Change Strategist. Tony is a co-founder of five other businesses and serves on multiple boards for companies and nonprofits.

I am a partner in a business tv channel with a "Netflix" like platform. I also partnered to start a new social media platform, The Spark Nashville.

I am building a team in the leading anti-aging haircare and skincare network marketing company. I partner with entrepreneur-minded professionals to help them build a business that gives them financial independence and the confidence to achieve their potential.

Finally, I am a speaker, podcaster, and co-author of three #1 Best Selling books.

I live in Nashville, Tennessee with my two daughters, and spend my free time between volunteering in the community with my family and binge-watching historical documentaries.