Tony Spazz 🎶

Tell the world what you’re made of

What's cookin', good lookin'? My name is Tony Spazz (Formally known as Anthony Mateo.) I am a well known aspiring musician based in Elizabeth, New Jersey who works with other artist and helps them grow. I own my own studio and enjoy mixing and mastering music. I have had an ear for music since I was a child. 90% of my songs that are currently published are freestyle based that were turned into songs. I have a passion for music & always look for new ways to expand my musical knowledge as well as ideas to take my craft to another level. I plan on expanding myself and genre of music. I previously had put out an album titled “Collectives” as a teenager in 2017 with several other artist from my home town such as Patty Mills, Spades, Louie P, Mex, Kidd Rose, Andrew Vapor-wave, Interstellaovadrive, Banlly Coop, Cozy Soles, Ace to help me paint the picture when I was first getting my feet wet in the music scene. Times are different now & the picture I will be painting this time around is going to blow your fuckin socks off. So sit back grab some earbuds or preferably an aux cord & keep a 👀out for new juicy content. Enjoy all my hard work plus dedication I put into my craft, Thanks for Tuning in🎚❕