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Hello! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Tori. I am 28. I am a wife, a mom, an afterschool program director, an sfx makeup artist, and a singer.

Through events in my life, I have geared towards big aspirations, as well as have a strong desire to help others with theirs. My life did not have the smoothest of starts. This put me on some negative paths & in places one should not find themselves. Fortunately enough it helped me grow & realize my passion in helping others. To show that life has so much more to offer than the hand you were dealt. That you are the creator of your future.

I have spent the last 8 years in helping youth & families realize their full potential. These last 4 years I added on coaching young adults.

Recently I have found so much joy in that & decided to take the leap & push this drive on a larger scale.

I had zero experience in skin or hair. My following isn't large. Being on camera has always given me anxiety. But I decided to try because I have a desire to help others.

Within shooting my shot I was given ample amounts of resources, tools, & support. This provided me with more confidence in so many aspects of my life & more focus on a bigger picture.

This job encompasses many of my passions. Whether it be helping you in finding confidence in your hair or skin, more so within yourself, or being able to have an income while staying at home with your babies or while in school. Or maybe, like myself, you're interested in setting others up for success.

Whatever it be, I'm here with you every step of the way 🖤


What does that even mean?

All the perks

-Prescribed hair or skin care routine specifically tailored to your wants or needs

-Free shipping

-Free product on all flexship orders

-15% off purchases for life, plus additional discounts

-First access on all flash sales & promotions

-Birthday Treat

-Skincare lasts 3-5 months

-Haircare lasts 5-10 months

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