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Let's take a look the introduction and learn more about Sophia

Good morning/evening/afternoon or night. Welcome to Sophia Muñoz's website. Why don't we get started by introducing her. But remember let's call her Sophia for short. Let's get started! Sophia is an 8 year old ordinary girl who is currently studying in the Philippines. She is also known for her unique and amazing zodic sign, a Taurus. She also is into Harry Potter and is in the house of Slytherin. But she shows hardworking and her capabilities of kindness, loyalty and intelligence all together as herself and as a person. Sophia has 2 best friends. Her first best friend was Arianna Dizon, who might be known as Sammie Delly's sister. Ari, can sometimes be a bit mean, but she is still great and is mostly determined to any challenges. Next her second best friend is, Tori Nocum. Tori is a new student in Sophia's school. She was interested in Sophia and decided to become friends with her by the month of August. When school started, they didn't really know much about each other but as days past, they really always got each others back. Tori is known for her kindness, hardworking, loyalty and determination for her dreams. Now let's get going. Sophia has many traits, so what do you think? Before we end, should we show her traits? Well if that's a yes, let's do it!
Sophia's traits are kindness, loyalness, hardworking, intelligence, wisdom, honesty and friendship. Well that's all I can share about her. Now make sure to enjoy and keep smiling!
Tori(maker of the website)