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The newest member of the Healers Hub, Dawn is a multi-faceted Healer offering us a variety of ways to assist us on our journey. In today’s talk we’ll unpack the multitude of ways in which she can help us bring more light into the world. FREE one card tarot readings at the end.

Faith Streng is a Psychic Healer and Reiki Master, lighting up the world wherever she goes. Faith recently underwent massive surgery, had her Instagram account hacked and taken down and still keeps on smiling. She’s teaching us how to remain positive and strong in the toughest of circumstances. Today we will be chatting about various ways to self-soothe. At the end of our discussion Faith will be going a group healing.

This self-taught, tough love tarot reader and pop culture fanboy, joins us to talk about all things Tarot. With over a million fans on his TikTok account, it’s easy to understand why Madam Adam is making such a huge impact in the tarot world. FREE one card tarot readings at the end.

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