Welcome to my milkshake website!

Here some things about me!

I won’t get into personal information but here some fun facts about me!

- I am current just join the anime fundom. I just discovered anime and current into My hero academia and the promise never lands

- I don’t have Hulu which has most of the best animes I just have Netflix

- I am still in school. I’m not that old, I still have a lot to learn about the world which I think everyone still need more time to learn about the world no matter how old

- I have a sister I will link her account in my link card. She actually convince me to start my fanpage

- I will like to be called the pronouns she or her. If you called me him or he I won’t be offended I just prefer her or she

What I use to edit

- I use a few apps as I figure out more stuff

- I use Vont to text on my video

- I use colortune and prequel to color my video

- Soon I will use CapCut to edit my video more

- Another question is “What fonts do you use?”

- I have many fonts but the ones I recommend are

-winter fun

-Sunday best

-pumpkin cheesecake

- pink chicken regular

-Paris (icons)

- love

- hug me tight

-chicken pie hight

-autumn chant

-Heart warming extra font