There is a reason you’re here. . .

I’m Kori.

I’m a feeler, a lover of nature, and seeker of truth. I’m 30 and each year I love my age more than the next! I’m an old soul trying my best to live a slow, authentic life.

I am constantly seeking joy, growth, and beauty. I’m a woman shaped by adversity and love. I share a beautiful home with my fiancé + two handsome cats.

But let’s get to the reason you’re here: I started using essential oils to enhance my wellness + self-care routines. Nature, healthy food, and moving my body helped me get my life in balance - now oils enhance each of those experiences. But Young Living is so much more than oils. I now have access to an array of natural, nontoxic products to support every aspect of my life.

Are you a seeker of truth? And a more natural way of living? You are, that’s why you are here. Are you ready to to be more intentional about what you are using to support your mind, body + spirit? I know you said yes & I’m here to tell you:

This community is for Y O U.
Click the link below to get started with a Premium Starter Kit or message me & I will walk you thru it. Let’s do this dang thing. ✨🌿

Find balance + grow with me! ✨🌿