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Olá | Salut | 안녕하세요 | Hi 🤍

I know what you’re thinking “another one” but trust me, I AM!!

I am just another women who dreams & chooses to live everyday fighting to make them come true 💫. No matter the different paths we take to our different dreams, if we have come across each other it’s because we have something to bring to one another.

If you’re:

🧿 Looking to expand your income 💵
🧿 Wanting to gain new skills & manage a team
🧿 Interested in becoming an entrepreneur
🧿 Wanting to network & increase your audience
🧿 Starting to become a responsible consumer
🧿 A student (18+), a parent, a believer or an explorer
🧿 Broke or not, employed or not
🧿 Wanna make money whilst having fun still
🧿 Desiring flexibility in working: schedule/hours/location
🧿 Be a solution provider & help change people’s lives like we change ours👇🏽

Hear me out👂🏼!

No matter how far down the line, this encounter will one day make sense. A word, an image, a music, a business ... something that may trigger a solution, that may reveal the key 🔑 to unlock your potential to then realise that happiness is in the process of building it. For this WE MUST TRY.

If you don’t fit in any of the boxes above, never mind! Labels are for bottles 🗣 talk to me anyway 👩🏽‍🦱💋. Here anyone is welcomed 🌍

Join a team of enthusiasts & I together with our community, we will help you in this journey to freedom 🔓🕊.

Here you got a friend, a dreamer, a crazy entrepreneur mind, an innovator & a sustainability conscious curly girl. I was once a student & will forever be. No matter the hardships I have encountered, learning is the act of freedom & for me, FREEDOM is happiness.

Personal Interests: EVERYTHING! 🤷🏽‍♀️

I am curious, like helping people & love ethical business matters. I enjoy romance, travelling, learn languages, being active & cooking. Music, dance & social justice are amongst my passion. I believe in spiritualism & the need for body & mind balance. We are energy, the universe is energy & this is where magic happens🧚🏽‍♂️. And WE, can help you with all of that. 👐🏽

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