Pure Haven

My Story

My life seemed complete. It was full of family, friends, and adventure. Daily life with my husband and two busy children was nothing short of boring or ordinary. My career as a full-time Kindergarten teacher by day and Graduate student by night kept my body and mind running on overdrive. I enjoyed the challenge and hustle of it all.

Then a pandemic sent the world into a tailspin. My teaching career took a turn as I began teaching virtually from home, in unison with parenting my two young children. It was tough. But not as tough as the real fears our world was facing. Everything seemed ‘out of control’, with no solution in sight. As a parent, I always considered myself a ‘problem solver’. This was a very uncomfortable place to be.

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family” (Mother Teresa).

I began taking a closer look at what I could control. I was home. I was loving my family. But was I? Was I providing the best for them? Was I keeping them healthy and safe? I began taking ‘baby steps’ in making my home environment healthier for myself and my family. I bought all of the ‘green’ products that I thought were organic and safe. Little did I know, I was wrong.

That’s when a friend introduced me to these toxin-free products. I instantly fell in love with them! They transformed my skin, which I battled with for years! Acne, Dermatology visits, medication, skin spots and scars. You name it, I had it! These products worked! With Pure Haven I not only was able to transform my skin, clear up my daughter’s eczema, and fill my home with non-toxic products, I was able to provide added income to my family. I can now say yes to MORE vacations, yes to MORE extra curricular activities for my kids, and I can now contribute to the never ending renovations my husband and I tackle!

The positive community, which I am now a part of, helps me create healthy habits with my family. This was the change I needed. This is how I can make a difference.

I didn’t know what I was missing, until I found Pure Haven. Now, I belong to a team of empowering and motivated women whose purpose is to serve others. I am inspired and happy to be doing my part, serving my family and now my surrounding community.

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