Shopee & Shein recos


Temperament Commuter Solid Sleeveless

Halter Lace-up Dress

Backless Strap Fashion Dress

Party Dress

Halter Strap Dress

Summer Mesh Dress

Satin Cocktail Dress

Street-wear Dress

Checkered Mini Dress

Leopard Print Mini Dress

Brown Printed Dress

Knitted Slip Dress

party dress

black sleeveless dinner dress

round collar sleeveless dress

sleeveless split dress

- soft
- comfortable to wear
- split
- suitable for various occasions, such as; party & photography

summer dress

bodycon dress

bodycon dress

backless sling hip dress

piled sleeves pleated wood ear hip dress

u-neck chain dress

breasted tight suspender dress with long loose sleeve hoodie

suit jacket dress

square neck dress

bodycon dress

orange tie-dye printed pattern

beach sexy backless vacation sling chiffon dress

v-neck halter dress

low chest split dress

french fairy off-shoulder white lace mesh dress

white satin dress

retro off-shoulder square neck dress

french print drawstring dress

blazer dress

bridgerton dress

backless twisted high split dress

white flower beach dress

ivy white chiffon dress

cross halterneck dress

top slim hip skirt suit

assorted korean dresses

cut out waist bodycon maxi dress

cut out waist bodycon dress

cross halter backless drawstring dress

hollow split dress

floral dress

floral dress

transparent scissors

transparent minimalist ruler set

muji pen

12 pcs muji pen

muji 1 pc gel pen

1 pc gel pen

100 pc ballpen

box of 12 pcs pilot pen

1 box gel pen

minimalist mechanical pen

6pcs highlighter

minimalist stackable eraser

electric eraser

minimalist electric eraser

1 box (30 pcs) eraser

invisible tape

correction fluid

6 pcs mini decorative correction tape

mini cutter

sliding mini paper cutter with ruler

80 sheets plain memo pad

500 pcs rose gold metallic series

- binder clips, paper clips, map tacks, push pins

40 pcs wooden thumbtack

120 pcs metallic rose gold paper clip

soft tip highlighter set

soft eraser


glue stick set

minimalist pencil box

transparent rosegold stapler

4in1 blank notebook


A5 notebook

transparent envelope organizer

black gel pen

8pcs minimalist window type highlighter

6pcs morandi highlighter set

9 pcs morandi colored gel pen

permanent marker

6 holes loose leaf binder

loose leaf binder cover and refill

- A5 and B5
- 20/26 holes

minimalist spiral upturn coil notebook

- A5 & B5
- Black & Kraft cover

B5 minimalist sketch notebook

- good for sketching
- good for notes

4 in 1 blank notebook

LED light panel portable reading book eye protection

A5 paper cutter

minimalist A4/A5 memo clip board

A4 size minimalist foldable file

169 sticky notes