Giver of Joy coming through.

We create with love, joy and so much grace.

At TP, we create art.
Arts you'll fall in love with.

We bring art and craft to class and luxury.
We want to highlight your closet, your life...

You want to look aesthetically pleasing, dear dear Shop with TP by Tana.

Thank you for coming our way.
It's an honor to have your attention.

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How we plan to operate

Pictures of every collection would be available on our Instagram page. It'll give you something to fall in love with and want for yourself or someone you care about.

Let's CARVE YOUR NICHE together. You get to choose your colour and share your ideas.
We get to create with love.
Just imagine how we'll blow our minds.

When you place your order, the time frame to create your masterpiece would be communicated.
You'll be required to make payment and send a receipt.
Once payment is confirmed please be patient with us.
We look forward to serve gracefully.


Al-Nimi bag

She is elegant.
You want to look elegant, don't you?

She can come in different colors of pouch.
And extra can be made on request.

She is #15,000 naira

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Rachel bag

Sexy, that's what she is.

She can also come in different colors of pouch and an extra can be made on request.

She is #10,000

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Joyce bag

She chic.
You need to look Chic.

She can come in different colours.

She is #10,000

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Esther bag

She is classy.
Whatever the outfit is, she'll set you up.

She #8,000

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Naomi bag

She's an original.
She'll be anything you want her to be.

She is #8,000

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Debbie bag

She'll highlight your simple outfit.
She takes your phone and some.

Just sling her on, you'll see

She is #4000 naira

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There are bracelets available too. Currently sold out. We'll be restocking soon..

We plan to channel our creation to other art pieces over time.

We're into bead Artistry and other crafts. Follow our page to watch us evolve.

A YouTube channel?

What do you think?

We could share processes of creating some masterpieces.
How a client of ours received a piece of luxury as a gift from a loved one.
We could start training others on bead artistry...

There's so much we can do?

Would you subscribe and look forward to it?
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