Dream Big Time!

I shine my light bright ☀️ The world needs happiness!

Hello! My name is Tracey, I am a wife and a mom to 4 amazing children! Everything I do is to allow them to see that they too can go after their dreams. I was that person who got stuck in the day to day trading time for money. I was in a corporate position for 7 years but never had time with my family. I decided to stay home but didn't have the financial stability and was not fulfilled. I wanted to be home with my family more, create a successful business, find happiness and I also had a desire to travel the world. I knew I was meant for more so I prayed........

And along came the opportunity that changed my life forever. In May of 2018, I put up a post on social media that created all kinds of excitement. From there I started to teach others how to do the same. I was able make money, build self confidence and marry the man of my dreams, the best part is, we get to create this dream together. We get to decide when and where we want to work from, we often choose poolside or the beach 🏖 This one opportunity has completely changed our life. I was able to jump on that desire to travel.  I have visited Ireland, Punta Cana, Hawaii, Australia, and the exciting part is every 6 months it's a new destination. 

I have never been happier or so goal driven in my entire life.  Not only do we get to share these amazing products with you, I Also  get the opportunity to share this business this with people all over the world. I get to help change lives every single day, and show others how they can own their own time. I can show them how to go after their dreams and Dream Big Time!

Dream Bigtime

I can teach you a simple system on your social media that doesn’t cost you a penny💫

My favorite part of my business is showing others how they can rise to the top. I have a simple system that works quickly. You can decide the amount of time you want to spend, and how big you want to go. I’m here to teach you the system, inspire you, and help you go after your dreams.
We are meant for more, and we have the power to go after our own dreams.
Fear of failure? It’s free, you have nothing to lose so it’s 100% worth trying a post!
No Kits
No Quotas
No Auto Delivery
You Decide What You Would Like To Create 💫

Start today with a simple post!

You will love the products, love the business, and live the support! You will become the best version of you!

-Tracey Baum