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Tracy is an Oslo, Norway based, Canadian Yoga Alliance registered Vinyasa, Yin, Pre and Post-natal yoga teacher. She balances challenging, energising practices, with inward-focused, breath based meditative mindfulness. Tracy specialises in alignment, anatomy based Vinyasa. Her classes focus more on self-enquiry, end-range engagement, developing strength, flexibility, and holistic health, than making specific shapes with one’s body. Tracy fundamentally believes yoga is for everybody and every body; her goal is to make yoga accessible and welcoming to all.

She is currently finishing her qualification to be a 500 RYT with internationally renowned teacher Jason Crandell, often called “the teacher’s teacher,” who has been shaping the yoga landscape for the last 20 years. Tracy has her 200 HR Vinyasa Yoga and Ayurveda qualification from the Atman Yoga School, 65 HR Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training from Baby Bliss Yoga, and a 30 HR Yin Yoga Foundations from Chi Therapeutics.

Tracy utilises curriculum based learning in her teaching in which a theme is chosen per month be it a region of the body, or peak pose and throughout that time the classes are designed towards a particular aspect of skill development. Tracy particularly loves arm balances and inversions and incorporates them often into her classes as she enjoys the playful aspects of yoga, seeing what her body is capable of as she deepens her practice. There’s a childlike joy in that.

Tracy began her journey in yoga and meditation in 1999, as a teenager in her first year of university. While she began her studies as a Chemistry major, she promptly switched her focus, following an insatiable interest in Religious Studies that saw her taking her first class in Hatha yoga and a lengthy extra-curricular study in Buddhist meditation practices. While asana has been been sporadic in her life until more recently, meditation has been a dominant daily endeavour that has grounded her entire being.

Tracy fell in love Vinyasa yoga after a knee injury caused by over training and has had a daily practice now for years. As a plant-based fitness enthusiast with a love of running, pilates, spin and all things movement, and wellness, yoga has been an essential practice for keeping her body and mind healthy and grounded. More importantly, yoga extends beyond the mat into all aspects of her life.

Tracy has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Religious Studies with primary focus on Buddhism and Hinduism and holds a Masters Degree in Education. She is also an accredited AMI Montessori teacher. She consequently feels that teaching yoga is a similar act of service that enables her to support others in their growth and self development.


Public Classes

Join me for either high intensity movement, flow, strengthening, mindfulness, stillness, meditation or all the above on the mat and in the studio.

Glød Yoga. Nydalen

Mondays: Power Flow 18:00-19:00

Mondays: Warm Yin 19:15-20:15

Wednesdays: Power Flow 12:00-13:00


Making it right for you.

Yoga works for everyone.

Private Classes

Personalised sessions are great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. With one-on-one attention, you can work towards a specific goal and learn ways to build your practice based on your specific needs. Beginners will be introduced to the fundamentals of yoga (postures, breath, philosophy) and can ask questions, break down postures and receive explicit alignment instructions. For those wanting to advance their practice, you will receive undivided attention as you explore postures, work through any obstacles and go deeper into your practice than one might do in a public class. It is also a great option for those seeking extra care post injury, surgery, or even postpartum to have specific classes designed to safely suit you. Contact me at [email protected]

Corporate Yoga

The benefits of yoga are innumerable, and bringing these into the workplace have very real effects. Bringing yoga into the office lowers stress, prevents injury, increases productivity and creativity, improves morale and camaraderie, and decreases the frequency of sick or personal days taken…plus it's a fun, stimulating practice! Yoga changes lives, and we believe that adding a bit of asana (physical practice) and pranayama (breathing techniques) into one's work day can be transformational. Contact me at [email protected]