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💵 I help you create automated trade accounts in the forex space
💰 Bitcoin & Forex Investor
What if you could tap in to the trillion dollar forex market without actually knowing how to trade?!
There’s a woman in NZ who grew her forex trade portfolio from USD$1,300 to USD$166,000 in just 13 months, and She’s never placed a trade in the forex space herself!
I leverage a platform called CashFX and doing so means that Pro Traders trade my money for me 5 days a week.
We’re currently seeing 5-6% per week returns 🌹
This is something that you can start small with (lowest pack is USD$300) and grow from there.
In fact, if you watch the video below I’ve broken down how you can start with $300 and in 51 months be trading a $100K pack!
The returns you’re looking at when you have a $100K pack is around USD$4000 per week - LIFE CHANGING.
This is true automation, true time freedom, true abundance.
Watch the video below to get a quick overview about what’s possible here, and if you’re ready to get started follow on to the next steps!


Want to see How to get a 5-6% per week Return on investment With automatic forex trades…without having to do the trading yourself, and without having to recruit anyone


Watch this video after the 15 minute video above to learn how to create a legacy for your family by leveraging multiple CFX packs

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Use these instructions to get started with CashFX. You’ll set up a bitcoin wallet and set up your account with CashFX 

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Register your CashFX account here first and then Go to the next step which is to set up your bitcoin wallet. Watch the video above this one if you haven’t done so already

Want Reassurance?

Watch this honest, factual overview of the CFX project and listen to the detailed due diligence that Richard Maude completed during his decision-making process.

Terms & Conditions

Please read below CashFX’s terms and conditions. Reading these will clear up any confusion and uncertainty about the platform 

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