Welcome to Trading With Jen

Just messin’ around trying to make some cool trades.

About Jen

Joining the not so newly discovered world of “trading.” Super excited to trade items and even experiences with strangers, near & far. Check back here or my Insta @tradingwithjen for newest trades.

History of Barter Trade

Dating back to 6000 BC, barter trade was first introduced by Mesopotamian tribes to barter goods with individuals in various cities across the ocean.

Based on a simple concept-two individuals negotiating to determine the relative value of their goods and services and offer to one another in an even exchange.

Let’s barter trade!

What will we accept as a trade?

Trader Jen will review all barter trade proposals submitted. Unsure if we’ll accept your trade? Use the questions below to determine if your trade is worth taking a shot!

• Is your item a tangible (physical item) or an experience (ie: concert tickets)? Email us!
• Is it an item that is broken or in need of repair requiring any financial investment? Don’t email us.
• Are you willing to engage in a written contract (notarization required) to finalize the trade and make the negotiation legally binding? Email us!
• Are you emailing us to make a cash offer for a featured item? Don’t email us. We’re in this for the thrill of the trade, not monetary gain.

Email us at hello@tradingwithjen.com. Kindly allow one business day for a reply.