Hey Ya’ll my name is Melanie Brown and this is my Thrive Experience.

🤭 A glimpse at this picture, last year, really highlighted where I was and what my old life looked like. What I saw ... Can I just say, WOW what a season! Each day I woke up battling myself, fighting my thoughts of “to get up or not to get up.” I functioned at the onset of each morning with 6-8 cups of coffee, sneaking 2-3 energy drinks (to not get told something about my heart, my health, etc.) any and every time I could in the day. Did I mention that I was struggling with drinking all day, every day, any time of day, week, month ... I mean you get the gist. I was moody single mommy around the clock mode, tired, running with the glass half empty ... and pouring, pouring, pouring into a day, person, job that was LITERALLY DRAINING ME!

🥱 CALL ME QUEEN MEL-NAP ... I would still get tired, wanted a nap, didn't even want to do the fun things I enjoyed. I was cranky, impatient, speaking death sentences over my life and into fruition, as the days went by the more the dream and vision was becoming a mirage in the distance. The MelB that brought the energy to any room, every person & any situation that I stepped into. #IWASAWHOLEVIBE

I sat idle watching my girl for a whole 3 years terrified of the what if’s and focused on all the experiences from our old GIG, cold messaging and bombarding people like the sales folks on the dealer LOT! I SAY NO TO THAT, NOT AGAIN, NOPE DID NOT WANT TO EVEN GO BACK THERE ...I WAS NOT FEELIN THAT SPACE AND PLACE

🤔 After ignoring her, believing the “you don’t have enough money, single mommy, no other way to guarantee our livelihoods, etc.” THE LIST OF EXCUSES WENT ON AND CONTINUED TO FEED MY FEAR and was as long as the WALL OF CHINA ... Finally I said “Mel, what happened to your drive, your dream, your goal setting, your action driven moves & the fearlessness that stopped you from getting it, MEL B???!” In that very moment, I had to get real with myself & put that reality check back in perspective.

In all honesty, I already new the magic in what I was stepping into because I knew my BFF had not steered me wrong & it was not a her thing, that company thing but a ME THING!!! I invested money I did not have into building the REALITY I was not creating through my actions. When my Thrive Experience arrived, a little after Mid-Afternoon, I did exactly what she said, “Take it when it gets there! There is no time line, Monday is the best day OR has to be a certain time ... Take your 3 steps & let me know how you feel! I WAS SOLD & BECAME A #DAY1THRIVER

The next day, woke up, went on about my normal routine, Did I mention I had JUST, I said JUST, purchased a Cuisanart Coffee Maker that did all this stuff that I so paid Starbucks to #boost me with. The day ended & proceeded the next and at least 1 more of those days occurred ... THEN BAM...light bulb turned on.💡 #FIREWORKS 🎉. Did I just skip 3 days of some coffee & no energy drink sneaks???!!

The rest was history! I was able to stop forgetting mid sentence. I has an immediate shift in my day to day cravings (alcohol, partying each and every moment of my moments & checking out). Mentally rested and restored. I woke up each day mentally, physically and emotionally ready to concur the day. The naps went from daily, throughout the day, each nap with my daughter (especially every weekend) TO ....

3 Simple steps, essential to your success to ALWAYS take correctly, combined with a consistency has created a #monumentalmovement for me personally and in my professional career ...
I kept at it every day, woke up 2 capsules before my feet hit the floor, 15ish minutes later Mixed Up my Lifestyle Mix ... To my surprise AHHMAZINGLY #delicious. Slapped on my Black Label DFT and remember telling myself ... Gurl this is easy peezy lemon squeezey chuck them 3 steps in your purse, laptop bag, Fannie pack or #womanpocket and run like the wind. YUP THAT Simple

😍 A fire reignited in me. I stopped “Striving” to please everyone, put on the front that I was superdadmom and worrying about the failure (should of, could of, would of moments)!

🥂I decided this unexplainable, rejuvenated, motivated, burst of energy, life of the party personality drive and execution was awaiting me to show back up ever so anxiously. I feel on top of the world! I found a new confidence in me, my abilities, my niches, my now intentional moves that I just could not envision selfishly keeping. I am “Thriving” in every aspect of my physical, mental and financial being. Ready to conquer all things LIFE #thriveinmycup

🗣 My Day 1 Experience was an impact that rerouted my entire life trajectory. In that very moment, literally immediately knew I had to share with the my framly, family & all those I did not no yet needed this, JUST LIKE ME! I personally know what this experience did for me, my health (in every facet) & continues to do for my 2 babies & I. #singlemomstrong Now time to empower as many others to live, feel and “Real Life” having their best life TOO💪🥰

When I say it changed my life, I mean it with every cellular molecule in my being. 🙌🏾

I hit the promoter button end of May 2020, Joined the best Tribe of Waymakers, hit VIP 800 & 1600 in my first 14 days just by spreading the love of what Thrive can do for you. Live your best life, invest in the best version of you, you have to offer yourself. Remember what your passions and aspirations are!? Envision the impact it will make once you accomplish it. Now take the leap of faith, trust your God given talents and apply them to your actionable efforts. You may astonish, shock and Wow yourself!!!!

It does not matter if you are Stella in need of her groove back OR Urkel chasing the inner Stephan out 😉 My greatest reward and sense of achievement all starts and begins with helping others. #knowyourpotential #betteryou #newversion #lovinglife #lookingfoward #acheiveyourgreatness #youarethekey #successiswhatyoumakeit #moveinsilence #giveittoGod #SkillVSWill #youdecide

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