I know how good you can feel and I’ll show you how!

Knowledge and experience to help you reach the goals you desire!

Hi, I’m Nat

I’ve been overweight for most of my adult life and tried and failed at more diets than I care to remember.

When I suffered depression whilst in a highly toxic relationship for 10 years I lost who I was. In fact, I’m not sure I ever really knew the true me! I was so busy trying to please others, keep the facade of happiness up and not face the reality of life I neglected myself and turned to food and wine for solace.

The lightbulb moment came when in 2015 I reached out to a 1:1 Cambridge consultant for help with my weight. I found something I never knew before, I found I could succeed. It took the right help, the best nutritional and dietary advice and a whole lot of mindset work! After 5 months I’d lost 6 stone and my life had changed for good!

Now, 6 years on I’m helping others to do the same and I have the best job in the world. I transform lives! As a weight-loss and mindset coach I’m here on hand across the U.K. to support you too. Your plan, your goals and your success!

These results speak for themselves!

With so many success stories to choose from here’s a tiny sample

My beautiful clients each have an unique journey but here’s a snap shot of the transformations from the last 12 months!

Busy working mum of 2
Total loss - 3st 3 lbs
Time - 3 months

Dress that won’t fit?!
Total loss : 3 stone
Time taken 4.5 months

Peri menopausal full time working mum
Total loss (currently) - 5 st
Time - 6 months ( including birthday spa weekend 😉)

Life after lockdown
Total loss: 3 stone
Time taken 3 months

Christmas Cookie

Dont be tempted by off-plan cookies try these divine Festive treats

Don’t risk it for the biscuit with our Christmas biscuit recipe.

- 1 sachet of The 1:1 Diet Original Porridge
- 1 dessert spoon powdered sweetener
- 50ml water
- 1 egg white
- 1 tsp cinnamon

1) Mix the Original Porridge with the sweetener, cinnamon and water.
2) Beat the egg white into a froth, and fold into the porridge mixture.
3) Place the mixture into moulds.
4) Brush with water and bake in the oven at 190 degrees for 20 minutes.

*Please note that cooking the 1:1 Diet products may alter the nutritional content and value.