Tia Trashmouth

hey, if you’re here have a good day!

this card will be a bunch of stuff about me, my account and random stuff that im obsessed with or enjoy! also my face reveal will be on this website (on another page) since im not sure I’ll post it on my tiktok account also if you’re still here please share my account with some friends or people because im trying to grow my account so if needed i can use my platform for important or helpful stuff/facts! thankyou for your time. ( facts about me on the next page )

all about me! —

facts and stuff on the one and only tia

you can skip this page if you want its just because im bored so yuh, by the way the picture above is a face reveal ik i look cool bestays ( joking ) anyways prepare for a bunch of facts about me. my birthday is on may the 6th, im 12 almost 13 and obsessed with stranger things, ianowt, teotfw, IT and them type of shows basically all the cool stuff, i support everyone except zoe laverne,tony lopez and bryce hall however i love and support all fandoms! my fav thing to do is read or edit and i love annoying others especially my little brother i dont know what else to say because im pretty basic so bye, tutorials and stuff on my next page

colouring  —

colouring creds - .starcourteditz on tiktok

this will be a colouring tutorial although the original owner has done one already
so please give credits to them (.starcourteditz) anyways here we go!

app 1 : capcut
put the sharpen to 100 then the filter umber to 15
app 2 : vn
put the sharpen at 25
app 3 : prequel
put the filter lapland onto 50 and the effect story to 100 ( everything else 0) then go to ‘adjust’ and put the sharpen to anything between 50-100 whatever suits your vid or pics! that’s it but please dont use without credits