About us

Who are we?

Hi, we are CAS & TVS!

We were married June 2019, after 8.5 amazing years together & just under a year ago we begun the full renovation of our 1940’s abode in Adelaide, South Australia.

We live & breath adventure! In 2015 we moved over to the U.K and spent 14 months of the just shy of 3 years we lived in London, backpacking around the U.K, Europe and Eastern Europe. 39 countries we were lucky to explore during that time.

This experience changed our whole outlooks on life. It gave us a huge appreciation for our beautiful home town and has inspired us in our daily lives.

Fast forward five years, we are back home, settled for now, but always planning the next adventure. Our renovations and home are inspired by the world and our experiences.

CAS is a specialised Visual Arts ECT & Primary school teacher, I love adding a dash of quirk to everything I do & you will usually find me in my spare time doing a DIY project, thrifting or in an art gallery! My Dad & Salvador Dali are my biggest artistic inspirations.

TVS is an Engineer, he’s the brains and budget expert in the duo, his handyman skills also a
blessing from growing up on his family farm!

We hope you enjoy watching our journey unfold.
C & T