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In this website I am going to narrate my own travel experiences as a solo traveler but also as couple in crime. I will give you inspiration, ideas, how to get there, the cost, where to stay. Plus we are happy to provide you presets for your own photos.

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Stone Town, Zanzibar, East Africa

Solo traveler. Woman traveler. These phrases were scared me before my travel. But it's the easier way to make friends and to know better one culture. For me it was easier because i speak Swahili but is also easy for everyone who speaks good English. The people are friendly, they want to talk to you, to learn about you! Is very different than Western world and I am happy for staying two months and make all of these friends that I won't forget. Places to visit in Zanzibar: 1) Nungwi, 2) Kendwa, 3) Prison Island, 4) Jozani forest, 4) Nakupenda Island

Paros, Greece

Paros, an amazing greek island where you can experience the peaceful beaches but also the intense rythms of the summer parties

Oslo, Norway

I won a cruise and I decided to go for 2 days in Norway. Place from a fairytale. Especially if you are a solo traveler you can find many options such as parks,bars,cafes and the most important a variety of hotels and hostels that you can stay safely. I stayed in the cruise boat which was an amazing experience.

Cherry blossom in Denmark

Around April in Denmark has ALWAYS sun and cherry blossom trees. So, guess which is the most beautiful period to go!

Lund, Sweden

Are you a castle hunter? You should go to Scandinavia. Sweden is a very convenient place to visit if 1) you are solo traveler, 2) couple, 3) friends, 4) history lover, 5) wintersport lover, 6) winter resort hunter

Mykonos, Greece

What to say for this island? If you want to spend time in the beach with beautiful view, people and luxury lifestyle you have only one choice, Mykonos! I recommend it for 1) friends, 2) couples

Copenhagen, Denmark

Do you want to stay in a tropical hotel but you don't afford an expensive trip to Bali? Is totally fine! You can visit the jungle hotel in Copenhagen " manon les suites" and experience 2 nights there!

Acherodas river, Greece

Do you want once in your life to take your tent and your friends and go for Camping? I recommend the free camping in Western Greece , where you can see the mythical river which was know of the river of underworld. Tips : go only summer

Gilelej, Denmark

Did you ever wanted to go in a place where you can spend summer and winter vacation in Scandinavia? This is Denmark then. Try to go even if you are solo traveler or with company in Gilelej by public transport in only 1 h

Milan, Italy

I was a solo traveler! I spent time in a hostel with different people and I made quickly friends! I totally recommend it as a low badget destination

Athens, Greece

The great capital! Add it to the must to see before I die. Badget destination, beautiful landscapes, nightlife

Lisbon, Portugal

What to say for Portugal? An amazinh place for solo travelers and for shopping hunters

Liverpool, England

I was again a solo traveler. I chose to don't go to the capital because I wanted as a solo traveler to have more time in a smaller city

Paris, France

The rumours say that there you go only to propose you for a marriage or to watch a show or moulin rouge. No you can go there even if you want to experience the food, nice fashion and French flirt

Nyhavn, Denmark

The most picturesque place in Europe is one and favourite: Nyhavn in the centre of Copenhagen. Tip: drink there an aperol Spritz by the canals

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The goal of this blog is to provide you with inspiration for future travel plans. Ideally, i want to increase the influence and inspire more people to travel.

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