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A new way of living .

We are Dily and Cameron and we are in love with traveling, photography, videography and learning new things!

This year is the year that we decided to change our lives by trying something new, quitting our jobs and dedicating our time in making new content while travelling.


Don’t be afraid of the unknown , be exited .

Our experiences and tips

Road Trip New Zealand(South Island )

The South Island of New Zealand is breathtaking. Be prepared because if you like nature, you’ll fall in love with this place.


Wanaka is a town located just before Queenstown, as you come from Haast way ( Blue Pools) .
It is an absolutely beautiful little town surrounded by mountains and a very beautiful lake where you can see the famous
“ That Wanaka Tree” .
Also you have the mountain that you can hike for 3-4 hours and visit Roys Peak, which for us, was one of our best experiences ever.

TIP: If you are thinking on doing the hiking, get well prepared with water and some snacks. Recommend you to start the walk at 5-6 am so you can see the most amazing sunrise up the top.
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Milford Sound

This place reminded us of the movie “Avatar” . I can’t describe with words and the feeling of how mind-blowing the drive to Milford Sound is.

As you come through the very long tunnel and come out the other end completely in awe, meeting the most enormous cliffs .

You can book your boat online or at arrival, there are around 6 different companies doing the tours.

TIP: 1-Before heading there make sure you buy some food as it is pretty expensive and there are not many choices on where you can go.
TIP 2- Recommended to check the weather and go when it’s raining. Hundreds of waterfalls will leave you amazed.
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This town is known for it’s adrenaline tours , many options if you are into that!
Don’t worry, if you are not, there are many other things to do like going up the gondola and enjoying an amazing lunch or dinner with views and after visiting the Luge , going to get a burger from the famous “FergBurger”

TIP: Highly recommend you to visit “The Cow” restaurant. Order the garlic bread, is THE BEST one that you’ll have. Let us know if you go and try it!

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Our experiences and tips

Road Trip New Zealand(North Island )

So much that we have learned from this Road Trip in New Zealand that we hope that we can be useful for you in case you are planning to go on adventure in this AMAZING country.

Lake Taupo

One of the best sunsets we have ever seen. Finding an amazing spot at the “ Lake Taupo campsite TOP 10 “ and getting first line on the Lake Taupo was an unforgettable end to our day.

You can choose your spot depending on how much you would like to spend .
For us opening the back of our car and seeing those amazing views while we have a drink was one thing from out bucket list.

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Tip: If you are planning to visit the area , recommend you to spend the 5-7$ more for better view front of the lake. Book with time so the spots don’t finish as the area is popular.

The Forgotten Highway

Forgotten Highway is situated between Tongariro Forest Park and Mount Taranaki.

This Highway is around 150 km long and Google says that is around 2:30h - 3h long.
Is not. Is more than that but worth it. We take around 4-4:30 because the road is quite small, many turns, lots of animals so have to drive be careful and soo many places to stop and take a picture or a deep breath.

TIP: stop at the Whangamomona Pub and get a STAMP!! Go to the bar and ask for it, for 2$ you can get a cool memory for your passport!

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Hot Water Beach

Have you ever gone to the beach, dug a hole in the sand and sat in water that felt so hot, you thought you were in a spa?
Well, that's exactly what Hot Water Beach is all about.

This famous iconic beach makes our 3rd favorite place to visit in New Zealand's North Island.

Find the right spot on the beach, where the thermal activity is so hot, when you dig a hole in the right place you can create your very own hot tub. Sounds AMAZING! Right? Picture this...You and the family take an esky, or as Kiwis say it, a "chilli bin", to the beach. Dig up a nice big hole for the whole family to sit, and enjoy your cold drinks as you sit in boiling spa like water.

TIP: check online when the tight is low and when is high. Is on the lowest point around 3 times per day and that is the best time to go. You won’t be able to dig your hole if the tight is high!

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