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I love traveling around the world, explore unknown places πŸ—Ί and try their unique culinaries🍑

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Brunei Darussalam

In Brunei, all businesses and offices, including restaurants, cafes, museums, shops and even parks, are closed by law during noon until 2 PM for Friday prayers.


Bruneian still can sell haram food, although all the ingredients exported from outside Brunei.

The Empire Brunei

Wanna feel like a Sultan in Brunei? Come to this magnificent resort! The prestigious five-star resort comprises stunning private beaches, lagoons, five pools, a championship golf course, six restaurants and a cinema!

Masjid Omar Ali Saifuddien

Yes, there are a lot of mosques in Brunei, but This mosque is special. It is one of country's two masjid negara or national mosques, as well as a national landmark.

And.. do you see that gold dome?

Teng Yun Temple

The only one temple in Brunei. It is known as one of the oldest and most significant Chinese temples in Brunei and has really old history.

Royal Regalia Museum

The building, was originally called "Churchill's Memorial Building", which had been established by the Sultan Omar Ali Saiffudien III, that presented the Sultan's father, as he admired Winston Churchill.

Note: Don't buy souvenir in here, it's super expensive.

Kampung Ayer River Adventure

You can meet the crocodiles and real Dufan mascot here. Also as a bonus you can see some hidden Sultan palace and RIPAS (Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Solelah) bridge!

Gadong Night Market

Do you want try delicious unique foods in Brunei? Come to Gadong Night Market! There are a lot of foods that you have never seen before, such as Colourful Durian, Primitive Mango, Kalasan, Weird Beans, Chicken Butt, and many more!

Tebuanman Chronicles

Do you know if Brunei has its own superhero called Tebuanman 🐝 ?

Australia 01Β β€”


Australia doesn't really have authentic dishes. The most authentic Australian dishes that I found are McDonald, KFC, and Hungry Jack's.

Taronga Zoo

The best zoo in Sydney!

I recommend you to go to this place by ferry β›΄ . So you can see the beautiful Sydney Opera House as one piece from far.

Also there is a secret about this zoo, you can see rare animals such as Invisible Gorilla 🦍 , Invisible Elephant 🐘 , and Invisible Giraffe πŸ¦’ . The only requisite is you need to come to this zoo when heavy rain.

Opera House Sydney

The most iconic place in Sydney. Don't say you have already visited Australia if you never come this place. But trust me, don't go to this place at weekend/public holiday or you will only see a sea of people here.

St Mary's Cathedral

Elegant cathedral from outside until inside. You can try to attend a mass in here. Got Harry Potter vibe here.

Sydney Fish Market

Do you like seafood?

Sydney Fish Market is the best place for you! From fresh Oysters πŸ¦ͺ until Sea Urchins are sold in here. So Yummy.

Black Star Pastry

Their famous watermelon πŸ‰ cake made me want to go to Sydney again. So wonderful, I recommend you to try it 🍰. Be prepare to fall in love πŸ₯° .

Hurricane's Bar & Grill - Darling Harbour

Wanna feel Marina Bay Singapore in Australia? Go to this restaurant. You can enjoy Grilled Ribs while watching the fireworks in here. Best place to go on night in Sydney.

KOI Dessert Bar

This restaurant was founded by one of the best Australia Masterchef finalist, Reynold Poernomo. Their menu changed every month. Make sure you try their signature dish called the Moss.