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Traditional Artwork for Indigenous People’s Education

For every order you've made, we will set a side some profit to be donated in your name for indigenous people’s education throughout Indonesia.

A suitable education hopefully will ensure the preservation of local wisdom, nature, cultural richness, and the fulfillment of indigenous people’s rights.

All collections are distinctively designed by Fani Atmanti —

All Tremendum’s collections are specially designed by Fani Atmanti and inspired by unique points from each tribe and culture which she experienced by herself in her journey. She then draw every details that mesmerize her and transform it in to statement-rings form, all done in order to obtain distinctive yet wearable jewelry collections.

Benchmade, a traditional jewelry crafting method that are about to extinct —

In the past, jewelry made with a benchmade method, a traditional jewelry-making process executed in a bench of a skillful jewelry artisan. This method has been done for tens of centuries, from generation to generation. Unfortunately the mass production technologies has shifted this method to extinction.

At Tremendum every piece is benchmadely done one by one, without casting method, 3D printing, or other mass production tools. In other words: Tremendum excludes anything that takes the artistry out of the jewelry-making process.

That method may not be fast and cost-effective. But we believe a real work of art should be done that way, and Tremendum demand that benchmade method deserves attention and salvation from being extinct.

You know what age with grace? —

Our traditional plating technique will eventually fade to reveal the natural silver underneath. Let the rustic style embody your adventure that thrives over the years.

Packaging That Gives a Message

Our packaging use teak wood and industrial glassfiber reinforce concrete. This two materials are paradox where one comes from the nature and one from the factory.

These two different materials are combined as packaging to tell a story about the current situation happened in Indonesia’s building industry. The industrial materials become popular and cheaper in the society and the local people choose to use industrial material to develop the area and leave most of the wood-material from the list. Carpenters then lose the job if they still continue to pursue wood working. They move to industrial material and the ability of the wood craftsmanship skill become drift away to extinction.

Maybe it's a message for the next purpose we should work on?