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Every Artist has their go-to products for keeping their skin & their client's looking amazing. Check out some of Trévon's favorite products and see how she keeps the skin GLOWING. ☀🌟


Do you want a skin-like finish on your makeup application? This is your go-to tool for applying your makeup. Just be sure to use it damp and you're good to go!

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Amazon Faves 🥰

"Amazon is my most favorite online place to shop. I've curated lists of the items I'm always buying. I've some makeup kit must haves as well as some of my own favorite beauty tools. Check it out!"

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Dream Clean by LimeLife

"My skin is super oily. This is my favorite cleanser right now to combat that. Infused with aloe and soapberry, this gentle cleanser packs a heavy punch. It's great for acne prone skin as well."

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Cool Balm by LimeLife

"If you're like me, you appreciate a lightweight moisturizer. With aloe and cucumber, this moisturizer is not only lightweight but soothing and even gentle enough for sensitive skin, protecting my skin from breakouts."

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Forty Cure

"I refuse to have dry, cracked, or ashy skin so not moisturizing is NEVER an option, lol! Forty Cure is definitely for you is you struggle with finding a product that will truly keep you moisturized. This creme not only treats dry skin but is also used to treat wounds, rashes, burns, eczema, rosacea, and many other skin ailments."

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Bamboo Renew by LimeLife

"The Holy Grail of exfoliators! I'm always preaching to exfoliate your skin so how can I not follow my own advice? This is hands down my favorite product. It's a foaming exfoliating experience so it's like the spa in my shower and my skin is left hydrated and silky smooth!"

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Meet Trévon

Pro Makeup Artist & Licensed Esthetician

Trévon Dyson is a Baton Rouge, LA-based Esthetician and she is also a Makeup Artist with over 7 years of experience both domestically and internationally. With her love of all things beauty, she is invariably eager to bring your natural beauty to life!

Trévon graduated from Aveda Institute of Esthiology in June of 2017 and was licensed in Esthiology upon completion of her State Board shortly after. She is credited with more than 100 hours of education over the requirement of 750 hours set in place by the state of Louisiana. She had achieved this by attending trade shows, researching new methods & companies, as well as investing privately in her craft. She specializes in body waxing (particularly brows and Brazilians), makeup applications, and a host of facial services, including Dermaplaning.

Although she has been self-taught in makeup for over 7 years, she has worked with Theory Natural Beauty Cosmetics while living abroad in the United Arab Emirates. As a freelance artist with Theory, she’s worked behind the scenes and backstage at fashion shows all over the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. She also maintained a clientele of both expats and local Emirati residents. Since being back stateside, she has also worked as a Certified Artist with MAC Cosmetics since 2017. She has also had several trainings from well-known celebrity artists such as Nicky Posley and Alexandra Butler aka @themuaalex.

As an Esthetician & Professional Makeup Artist, her passion is in helping people achieve and feel their best selves, with glowing skin always being a top priority. Her clients consider her loyal, confident, & a gem to work with as they always receive attentive care.

In addition to her work as an Esthetician, Trévon is available for makeup appointments, weddings, special events, and makeup workshops & lessons.

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