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Halal Hampers with Delivery

🎁 Whether it's to cheer up your friend who's unwell, or congratulating your friend who's a new mum, the choices are actually plenty even when it comes to halal options! In fact you can either choose from readily available hamper options or customize one for your loved ones! Some of them even come with express delivery options. 🎊⁠

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Premium Grocers with Home Delivery

Ever wondered if you could do a better Truffle Steak than the one you’ve had at a fancy restaurant? Well, you can finally have a go at your own attempt of restaurant grade Truffle Steak at home with these Gourmet Grocery Delivery brands!

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Where to get Burnt Basque Cheesecake

Ah, the glorious Basque Burnt Cheesecake. Creamy, velvety smooth cheesecake baked at high temperatures to give you that torched outside, yet gooey & rich inside. Each slice is no doubt a sinful indulgence, but like many who’s had it would say – it’s worth the calories!

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Are gym memberships worth the money? We joined TFX Gym for 2 weeks of fitness classes

We’re already more than halfway through the second month of 2020, and we’ve just got one question for you: are you on track to your fitness goals?

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[REVIEW] Guardian X OLIVE YOUNG collab brings K-beauty brand WAKEMAKE to Singapore

If you are a K-beauty fan – chances are you’re probably well acquainted with Olive Young and even attuned to its wide variety of brands and products it houses – specifically WAKEMAKE.

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13 Essential Items For Your BTO

As a first time home owner, it must be so exciting to move into your new BTO and style it the way you've always imagined!

To get you started, we've shortlisted 13 essential items you might want to get to turn your BTO into a home! 🏠