Tricia fishbune - subconscious reprogramming and emotional healing

thanks for being here 🤍 check out below for ways to work with me

Out of the Head, into the Heart Hypnotherapy and Reiki

Wednesday, June 12th at 6:30 pm at Abundant Space (Scottsdale, AZ)

Come into better energetic balance through the use of hypnotherapy paired with reiki. We will focus on getting out of the mind and into the heart space with a guided meditation and hypnosis with Tricia Fishbune followed by hands on reiki with Christy Guziak (Reiki Master).

Custom Recording

we’ll hop on a call together to discuss your goals and then I’ll create and send a 20-30 minute custom recording just for you!

listening to recordings is one of the fastest and easiest ways to create and strengthen new neural pathways to create the life you want

Book me for your next event

I’ll guide your group through a special Subconscious Awakening group hypnosis on any topic.

Perfect for masterminds, retreats, group programs, bachelorette parties, professional team building, athletic team performance, or friends/family get-togethers!

Schedule a 1:1 session

I’ll guide you into a relaxed state where you’re able to make lasting change on a subconscious level to tackle any topic / habit / area of life you’d like to improve. Virtual or in-person

Virtual Group Subconscious Awakenings

All events will be on Zoom. Check out my IG or click the link for event dates + topics.

Replay will be sent out, but will only be available for one week.

Daily Subconscious Awakening Recording ✨🎧

This 10 minute, fully customizable recording is the perfect way to get started in reprogramming your subconscious mind.

The truth is, we have hundreds of disempowering beliefs we’ve picked up along the way that are outdated or simply untrue.

What if you could reprogram your subconscious to automatically propel you toward your goals?

Simply pick and affirmation (and stick with it for 21 days for best results), sit back, and 🪄🪄