Tricia Hugi

Showing my kids it is never too late to try something knew

What's up my name is Tricia Hugi!!! I am a mom of 3 beautiful kids, I have way to many animals on my farm and my family is most important to me. I have been BLESSSED to have found an opportunity to let me stay home with my kiddos, and live life to the fullest!!!

I started with my company 2 years ago right before you know what happened. I wanted something more for my family. I wanted to make some extra income to have savings for emergencies and take my kids on fun adventures.

I started using these products to lose weight. I never knew how much they would change my life. I fell in love with everything about this company. The products are clean, non-toxic, scientifically backed, and proven to work. They have helped me lose 20lbs, get energy back to keep up with the kids, and have made me feel good about myself from the inside out!!!

I had no experience with Social Retail. I didn't even really use social media. I kept thinking about it so I had to try. I am grateful for this opportunity. My team of leaders and the people in this company have made it so fun to be a part of this journey. Being able to help people feel great about themselves is so amazing. I can't wait to keep living the life I have always wanted.

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