Hey beautiful! I'm Tessa & I'm a SKINCARE nerd with a curious mind and a love for finding a great DEAL💰💲 Whether it's trying out a new, trendy product or reviewing the oldies (but goodies!)👌 I'll try it all! I'll only ever give my 100% honest opinions. 🤞 Experimenting is what I love to do! It's worth it to me, because I have a wide variety of skincare concerns & I'm constantly searching for the right products that my fussy skin will cooperate with😂 You can trust me for legit reviews of products before you shell out your own money, because nobody likes to waste their moolah!

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What I'm using now:

🌸 I am not being paid to advertise any products! These are my authentic opinions. 🌸

🌹THAYERS Blemish Clearing Cleanser: Witch Hazel🌹 (lemon🍋)

This gel cleanser is the first thing that touches my face when I wake up in the morning. I love the fresh, lemon scent! It contains SALICYLIC ACID (max strength 2%) to fight off acne and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin! After washing, my face feels smooth and refreshed.

Overall - 8/10
Value - 8/10
Does what it claims? 9/10
Natural Ingredients? 86%
Dehydrating? NO😊

Alcohol free✔
BPA free✔
Cruelty free🐛🐧✔

I've looked into Thayers brand and have been pleasantly surprised with the transparency of how their products are formulated (although the amount of witch hazel in their "proprietary blend" is not revealed). Their ingredients are grown in Connecticut and are NOT DISTILLED (heated) so the natural tannins in the plants are preserved.

🌞 Plant tannins🌿are anti-inflammatory, fight breakouts, soothe redness, and have antioxidant effects.

Price: $13.91 on Amazon

💧NEUTROGENA Skin Perfecting Daily Liquid Exfoliant💧

I have been using this chemical exfoliator every morning & night after washing my face for about a month. It does tend to burn 🔥on some areas of my skin that are sensitive, or if the skin is broken. You can really feel the chemicals working though, which I like. Since I have been using this, my face is softer and my pores feel clearer. If I have areas of dry skin, this helps to gently and safely remove the surface layer without any harsh scrubbing. After applying, you don't need to wash it off!!

Overall - 7/10
Value - 8/10
Does what it claims? 10/10

Alcohol free✔ (really!!)
Fragrance free✔
Instantly noticeable results
Hydrating 💦
Can sting on sensitive areas🔥

⚠️🚫NOT safe for using on open cuts/broken skin🚫⚠️

Price: $14.97 at Walmart

💋NEUTROGENA Rapid Tone Repair Dark Spot Correcter💋

Overall - 10/10
Value - 10/10
Does what it claims? - 9/10

Price: $14.99 on Ebay (free ship, no return); $18.54 on Amazon (SAFER🔒)

🚨The packaging now has a new look, as shown in the picture, but the product is the same whichever you buy🚨