Trinity Pelvic Health and Wellness

Physical Therapy with Dr. Allie Demers

Many women don't realize what's available to them when it comes to pelvic health. I work with women of all ages to help them get back to their highest level of function.

Each treatment program is focused on your personal goals, whether that be living pain free, staying continent, getting back to exercise after childbirth, or having pain free intercourse, we can work together to get you where you want to be.

I have over 10 years of experience in pelvic floor physical therapy. I focus on a holistic, biopsychosocial approach that looks at the whole person and not just the diagnosis.

I am excited about being able to offer home visits because I get to see you in your own environment and spend an extended, focused amount of time with you. With this model I find that most patients only need a handful of visits to get them on the right path to recovery.

Scheduling and Insurance

At Trinity Pelvic we pride ourselves on convenient, concierge services. By being out of network with insurance we are able to focus more on patient care and customized treatment programs. A therapist spends an extended amount of time at your in-home visit which allows us to accomplish a lot in each session. You can then spend more time working on your program on your own and your therapy sessions do not take away from work/family time.

Since we are out of network with insurance you pay for each visit up front and we provide a superbill that can be submitted to your insurance. They will reimburse you directly through your out of network benefits.

The cost of services is as follows:

90 minute initial evaluation: $225
55 minute follow up appointment: $150
45 minute telehealth consult: $100

*Telehealth visits are not reimbursable through your insurance.
*A $30 travel fee is added if you are beyond a 10 mile radius of our home base in Winter Park.

More about Dr. Allie

I have been a pelvic floor physical therapist for 10 years. Helping patients on their healing journey is one of the greatest joys and honors of my life. I pride myself on being an excellent listener and seeing the patient as a whole person.

I have taken advanced courses in pelvic pain, pain science, lymphedema, and pediatric pelvic floor dysfunction. In 2020, I became certified as a Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist. This certification goes hand in hand with my passion for helping postpartum women learn more about their bodies, heal faster, and return to the things they love.

I graduated from the University of Maryland at Baltimore with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2011 and immediately trained in pelvic floor therapy at a clinic in Maryland. I went on to treat patients in busy, thriving clinics in North Carolina and Virginia.

My husband, three children and our dog live in Winter Park and we have called Florida our forever home since 2019.

I hope you will consider trusting me with your care. Please do not hesitate to reach out at the email below with any questions.


"Allie is a life saver! I was diagnosed with uterine prolapse during my second pregnancy and told I would never be able to run or work out the way I always had. I found this news mentally debilitating. While speaking to several doctors and friends for recommendations, Allie's name kept getting mentioned. They were all correct - Allie is phenomenal! She is kind, supportive, extremely knowledgeable, and skilled at all things pelvic floor related. We've worked together for over two years now and I have seen amazing results, both physically and mentally. I have Allie to thank for all of that. I am so grateful to have found her!"

"Allie is absolutely amazing! She approaches each session with incredible professionalism, tenderness and humor and always has a way of putting me immediately at ease when I have to ask or answer those not so comfortable questions about my body and its functions. Most importantly, she takes the time to listen, really listen, to all my concerns and her insight and advice is absolutely invaluable. I seem to walk away from our appointments not only having gained some newfound knowledge about myself but feeling much more confident about my situation."
-Jen F

"I suffered a third-degree tear after birthing my daughter, and struggled with a myriad of problems (pain, incontinence, and scar tissue, to name a few). Almost three years later, I heard about pelvic PT and immediately made an appointment with Allie, who I now believe might actually be made of magic. In our first session, she got rid of a muscle spasm that had been plaguing me with pain for almost three years! Since then, every other problem that I have has either been resolved or significantly improved (we’re still working together). I’ve gotten so many aspects of my life back since meeting her and will be forever grateful.
Allie is gentle, smart, and has been able to help me relax and feel comfortable during therapy. She is also encouraging, easy to talk to, and able to adapt her treatment to a wide range of symptoms and issues. She is incredibly knowledgeable and I find it easy to trust her advice and guidance.
These days, I recommend pelvic PT to every woman I know, and would recommend Allie in a heartbeat."

"Allie demonstrates the utmost professionalism and friendliness with each and every patient. Allie is motivated to treat each and every patient to the best of her abilities while also placing the patient at ease with her hilarious sense of humor. In treating pelvic pain, one had to have a healthy balance of knowledge, manual skills, and humor, and I believe Allie is one of the few practitioners who encompasses all of these."

"Allie is a wonderful and supremely competent PT. Her special skills in women's health issues were a godsend for me. Her help was invaluable in resolving many of my pelvic floor issues. Along with relieving pain and improving stability/mobility, she offered practical advice to improve my daily functioning...all provided with the utmost compassion and respect. Allie is awesome!"