Embodied Shakti Presents

Wholistic Embodied Healing

We are gathering for a weekend of Purification! We will be diving deeply into each aspect of TRINITY, with interactive workshops, sacred ceremony, medicine communion, nourishing raw foods and SO MUCH MORE! An intentional cleansing of the physical body, mind and soul.

This Purification Retreat is an opportunity to enter into a safe and nurturing space away from habitual daily life, what we envision as an inward journey of immense liberation and transformation.
Cleansing allows oneself to confront disharmonious energies and face and heal origins of suffering and disconnection. The deep immersion takes the participant on a journey of profound self-healing and innerstanding, through the discovery of the universe and wisdom codes within. The aim is to reconnect with the natural joy of being, and to reach a greater awareness of existence and life as a whole.
This is truly a coming home to thyself - to thy wholeness of your divine nature.

Our Mission Statement  —


The Retreat creates, embodies, and manifests a purification period. Each participant goes through a physical and emotional cleanse, featuring cleansing plant nourishment, purgative plants, sauna, and introspection.

We will be nourished with a raw plant based diet for our time throughout the retreat. This allows the body to be clear of any density, and brings the body to a conscious level so that it may fully absorb the medicines and comprehend the blocks in order to truly heal.

The post diet and integration is an important stage of the healing process, as it is during this time that the comprehension and healing is integrated into the heart of the participant. Essentially, it gets embedded into the core of our beings and applied in daily life. This recalibration period also serves as an act of gratitude to the universe - whereby transforming our inner child and liberating our whole selves allows us to truly step into the sanctity of our own power.

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All Inclusive

Body, Mind and Soul Reclimation

Retreat Immersions & Offerings




May You Remember The Divinity Of Your Sacred Wholeness

Your Loving Guides

Sacred Sisters in Service

Lyla & Lily

Divine Mother Incarnate, New Earth Guardian, Master Space Holder, Wholistic Practioner, and Sacred Sister of the Rose!

Lyla creates the loving and sacred container for true Goddess embodiment, connection, and womb healing - all while anchoring in Light Codes to support Gaia's New Earth template. Serving as a reflection of pure Love, Lyla has been offering plant medicine ceremonies, sound healings, and the birthing of consciousness in her circles and retreats since 2016!


Lily Love Joy

Crystalline divine child of light.
Her smiles, giggles and gos offer a reminder of our innate purity and innocence.
Lily is our anchor for pure joy and unconditional love


Self Awareness and Mindset Teacher, Master of Manifestation, Channel of Source, and Raw/Superfood/Longevity Guru!

Andrea brings a lot of gifts to TRINITY. As a teacher of infinite lifestyle upgrades - all leading to Mind, Body, and Spirit BALANCE - she has used raw food, practical and spiritual tools, and radical self awareness to not only change her own life but also to successfully guide her clients over the past decade to true bliss and freedom.

@SuperFitByAndrea & @TheIAmEverythingProject


Megs’ has a passion and dedication to the Healing Arts - first as a Master of Meditation, but also incorporating Reiki, Sound Therapy, Holistic Herbalism, and Yoga , through which she elevates her purification and healing magic of the TRINITY to new heights!

Megs's alignment to her Highest Joy leads all of her teaching and healing modalities, which are focused on empowerment and deepening her clients' connections toward themselves and their surroundings!



Kirstie is a Nu Earth Visionary and Reiki Master Esthetician, synergizing quantum energy and plant medicines to deliver a healing journey in her signature Transcendental Facial Massage.
Featuring beauty water, blue lotus oil infusion, sacred rose and jasmine hydrosol.

Kirstie’s offerings go far beyond that, as she's a channel of Divine Light who is able to do highly personal Energy Clearings, Cord Cutting, Purification, and Soul Retrieval ceremonies. Whether she's clearing your lymphatic system or your heart,
you'll LOVE her



Water Priestess, Source Conduit, Sacred Speaker, Water Guardian, Highdrated Leadership, Conscious Currentsea.

Jilly will birth and create the sacred space to bring forth the element of Water into a new lens. Her service to Source and sistership will be the portal through which she will activate and teach how Water is related to the financial, spiritual, social, physical, sexual, and emotional aspects of life! Her wisdom and life path of Living Water and Food will spark embodiment of soveriengty for all at TRINITY!


Kambo + Hapé

Ancestral Amazonian Medicine

We are so excited to share such a potent experience with you All. We hold this container with Love for each of you feeling the call to join us.

Please find the application link below and let us know if you have any questions about this Retreat! *We will only have 13 available spots!*

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With Love,

Lyla, Megs, Andrea, Kirstie and Jilly


What is Kambo?

Phyllomedusa Bicolor, otherwise known as “Kambo” is a natural medicine, a cascade of peptides that is like the key to unlock all that ails you! derived from the waxy secretion on the skin of the green tree frog that lives in northwestern parts of the Amazon jungle and is used traditionally by the indigenous tribes of Colombia, Brazil, and Peru as a medicine and spiritual aide.

How is it administered?

Kambo is applied to the participant through making quick small burn mark openings on the skin referred to as “gates”. As the medicine is administered onto the gates, it enters the lymphatic system and not the bloodstream. One gate is administered first to introduce the medicine into the system and to gauge the participant’s reaction. After a few minutes, more may be applied to however many gates have been opened or to the participant’s needs. Generally anywhere from 3-8 gates may be applied on the side of the arm, inner ankle, spine or where both intuitively agree upon.

What does it do?

Some of the initial onsets of kambo may be increase in heart rate, temperature, perspiration, shivers, nausea and dizziness. Blood pressure may also rise or fall dramatically. Some may experience swelling of lips which wears off post ceremony. After some minutes sitting with the medicine, the body will begin purging the water and expelling blockages and toxins that may be stored energetically and physically, down to organs and to the cellular level.

Kambo involves a deep physical and energetic cleansing that can be an intense but manageable experience. It is required to consume a large amount of room temperature water (2-3 liters) at the procession of the ceremony in the presence of the facilitator. This assists the process in order to flush the lymphatic system, liver, kidneys, gallbladder, and other organs.

How long is it?

The whole ceremonial process can last 2-3 hours.

Recovery and integration is generally quick within 45-60 minutes and participants can drive and carry on with regular functionality the same day. It is recommended to cultivate this “cleared space” as a mental, emotional and physical master reset through healthy lifestyle changes and practices.


What is it?

Hapé is the preparation of powdered medicinal herbs, often with a tobacco base. Hapé is typically made with mapacho - Hapé elicits a feeling of alertness and elevation.

The effects of hapé are experienced rapidly and intensely because the powdered snuff is administered through the nose. Traditionally, hapé was used to connect to the Nature and induce deep meditative states increase energy/clear energetic stagnation. Today, the indigenous tribes in the Amazon basin continue to use hapé in all aspects of life, from formal ritual use in rites of puberty, initiation, festivals, social gatherings and healing ceremonies, to simply tuning into the present moment.

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Cacao + Mushrooms

This is cacao, and the gift of stepping into sacred ceremony.

What is cacao?

What many of us in the west have come to know and love as chocolate, is worlds apart from the plant medicine it’s made from; and the ancient history rooted in Central and South America.

Cacao has been used in ancient ceremonies by South Americans (the Maya) for thousands of years. It has an active ingredient in it called theobromine—which can be translated to, “Food of the Gods.”

So it makes sense that cacao was given its sacred status, and enjoyed in communal ceremonies by the Maya with their Gods.

The word cacao actually came from the Maya word Ka’kau, and the Maya word Chokola’j—which means to drink chocolate together.

You probably already know that cacao comes from the cacao bean—which is also used to make chocolate.

But the cacao plant is seen as a medicinal plant, and has been used for a number of spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes throughout history.

What can you expect from a cacao ceremony?

What can you expect from a cacao ceremony?

Shamanic healing is one of the oldest holistic healing practices, which has been used by ancient cultures worldwide for centuries.
A cacao ceremony is actually a type of shamanic healing, but it doesn’t have hallucinogenic or “out of body” effects, unlike some other shamanic experiences.
Cacao ceremony is rooted in helping to re-balance the energies within us, and restore good health.

There are so many different ceremonies in existence today. Some will lead you a journey of dance, while others will centre on meditation and inner reflection. Many cacao ceremonies will involve a group of people sitting in a sacred circle, taking prayer, letting go of anything heavy, setting intentions, giving thanks for all the abundance in their life today. This often involves opening up to complete strangers in the circle, and creates a safe and intimate space where everyone’s fears, hopes, sufferings, and dreams can be shared. What we often find is we have similar problems and fears, as well as hopes for our lives. This means that the people in the circle act as a mirror for each other.

A cacao ceremony will often end in dance, which allows the cacao to activate within the heart and body, and create transformation.
Through opening the heart, cacao enables us to hear our true self, work through blockages and past traumas, dissolve any pent up negative energy, and help us align with who we truly are. It’s also a wonderful time to give ourselves mental and physical space and peace. You get to switch off, and retreat inwards, helping you to learn more about yourself, and gain clarity on where you are and where you’re headed.

The physical benefits of cacao ceremony
As mentioned above, cacao is packed with vitamins and minerals that are great for cardiovascular health.
Cacao is also renowned for releasing dopamine and endorphins in the body, which soothe symptoms of PMS as well as depression, by boosting our mood.
Cacao contains anandamide, which is known as the bliss molecule, and is said to enhance creativity, and encourage deep meditation.
For centuries, cacao has been used to heal the mental, physical, and spiritual body.

The emotional & spiritual benefits of cacao ceremony
Cacao is rich with emotional and spiritual benefits that have not only worked for ancient cultures, but also the new wave of people who are embracing cacao in the world today, and allowing it to open and heal them.

Heart opening
Known for opening the heart, cacao will allow you to connect with yourself, and others, in a deeper way than before. Any fear that is currently taking hold of you, will be replaced with love and joy.

Connection with your higher self
Your higher self can be whatever you believe it to be— source, God/Goddess, light, or soul.
Cacao helps strengthen your connection to your higher self, which helps you connect to your inner power, strength, and truth.

Enhances and deepens meditation
Cacao ceremony will give you the opportunity to connect to your inner spirit, which will help you to explore meditation on a much deeper and spiritual level.
You will find you are able to focus and be in the present with more ease. This will help you to live more fully in the moment today, bringing peace and stillness to your mind and soul.

Male and female energies can be found co-existing within all of us, but often they are unbalanced. Some men have repressed their feminine energies, while some women have trouble connecting to their male energies, and vice versa. When you balance these energies within, you are able to live a more effective life, filled with complete harmony.

🤍A pathway to creativity
🤍Improved yoga practice
🤍Mental clarity
🤍Re-balance of your inner male & female energies
🤍Inner peace

Psilocybin Mushrooms ~ Magic Mushrooms

Nature’s Magic – The Health Benefits of Psilocybin Mushrooms

Once again, we turn to nature to heal the ailments we struggle with. This time, we’re taking a look at magic mushrooms, or rather, their active ingredient – psilocybin.

Psilocybin is a naturally occurring psychedelic substance that can be found in a variety of different mushrooms, commonly referred to as “magic mushrooms.” Psilocybin is known to possess a spectrum of psychoactive properties, and has remained a part of medicinal and shamanistic culture around the world for thousands of years. It has a strong effect on serotonin receptors in the brain, including some in the cerebral cortex and thalamus regions.

Although mushroom use – casually referred to as “shrooming” – is commonly associated with hippies, artists and others that tend to live a more alternative lifestyle, their consumption actually dates back thousands of years. Historically, they’ve been used to aid in religious ceremonies and are still considered a gateway to some very profound spiritual experiences.

Psilocybin mushrooms also have some powerful therapeutic benefits, and have already been decriminalized in a few locations around the world as researchers dive into their potential to treat numerous disorders. Areas of interest include conditions such as mood disorders, anxiety, OCD (obsessive complusive disorder), and substance addiction.

11 Benefits of Psilocybin

1. Psilocybin Can Assist With Long-Term Depression

2. Psilocybin Helps to Manage Cancer & Terminal Illness

3. Psilocybin Can Prevent Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Behaviours

4. Psilocybin May Help to Prevent & Cure Addiction

5. Psilocybin Promotes “Mystical” Introspection & Self Realization

6. Psilocybin Can Help to Cure PTSD

7. Psilocybin Promotes Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity

8. Psilocybin Can Enhance Emotional Balance & Mood

9. Psilocybin Can Induce Lucid Dreaming

10. Psilocybin is Able to Boost Creativity

11. Psilocybin Can Alter Memory Retrieval

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Shakti Embodied

Trinity Retreat

Small Intensive Retreats are stunningly life transforming, healing, inspiring and restorative.

The invitation I am about to share with you may not be for everyone.

But if it is for you. You will know without a shadow of a doubt.

There will be an undeniable calling in your heart. You will be deeply moved. Your soul will light up. And every cell in your body will resonate.
Trust it.

We believe there are no coincidences, and the fact that you are reading these words you have been led here by a stirring in your soul. Every moment of your life is an opportunity to choose to live more fully or to hold back. What could you do? Who could you be if you really faced the fears that keep you complacent? 

You can have “everything,” but if you don’t know who you truly are, you have nothing.
Reflect for a moment…

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities of life and end up neglecting your deepest personal needs and desires?

Do you feel deep within your heart, the sense that there is a bigger reason you are here on this planet, and that there is a meaningful contribution for you to make?

Nothing will be different unless you do things differently. Are you ready to listen to the calling of your own heart?

Are you ready to live your soul’s Destiny?

Are you ready to live a life that is a bold adventure?

This Trinity Retreat about gathering for a weekend of Purification! An intentional cleansing of the physical body, mind and soul. We are focusing deeply into each aspect of TRINITY with interactive workshops, sacred ceremony, medicine communion, nourishing raw foods and SO MUCH MORE! This will be a Retreat of immense liberation and transformation.

Rates include excellent, healthy raw fare with an emphasis on organic produce and superfood supplements. All ceremonies, bodywork and activities are included.

We do encourage you to tip the therapists but it is not required.

We hope to see you there!


Each side of the triangle, when in perfect balance, is the strongest structure known to humankind. This is where the healing is.

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