Trish Barriage Fitness

Lifestyle Coach

I EMPOWER Women to live healthy, fulfilling lives! Gain confidence and find self love in their body’s!! All while still being able to enjoy Pizza, Wine and Chocolate!!

I run virtual wellness groups focusing on body, nutrition and mind!!! Each month we have a different theme!! These groups are perfect for It allows you to change up your workout routine, love yourself even more and have a girl gang cheering you on, it provides support, motivation, accountability, etc. We have fun, share tips, tricks, recipes, vent about bad days. Just a safe place to share your journey. We also do fun little challenges for prizes etc.

I have struggled for years with my weight, an eating disorder, my overall health, a lack of confidence and I didn’t know how to love myself! I knew I need a change in not just my fitness but also my nutrition and mindset. Finding these programs truly turned my life around! They improved my health, my mindset and my marriage. Because me being able to love myself again means that I was able to give my best self to my marriage!!

I love to get to help others who are in the same mindset I used to be in! If you want to change your life then fill out the link below!

Vitural gym

Interested in joining my team

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I mentor ladies who are looking for a change, maybe it’s side gig, maybe you want to be able to stay home with your kids!
I am looking for Ladies who are serious about wanting to build a business of their own.
Ladies who are looking for
- a community of like minded ladies
- new friends
- accountability
- wanting a reason to show up daily
- wants to help others
- wanting to earn an income from anywhere you have WIFI

If this sounds like you, then fill out the application and I will be In contact within 24-48 hours !!

My Transformation

My story of why I joined and the success I have had

When I started my fitness, nutrition and coaching journey I was overweight, unhealthy, stressed out, depressed, living pay-check to pay-check and my marriage was on the verge of ending in a divorce!

I wasn’t being the best mom or wife I could be to my husband and daughters and that’s because I was in such a horrible mindset!

So what changed this mindset of feeling stuck and unhappy! What helped me get over this negative mindset so that I could find a positive mindset, so that I could become healthier, so that i could go from being almost 230lbs to almost 180lbs in just 1 year. Without a FAD diet, magic pill, or quick fix. All that don’t truly work long term! 🤷‍♀️

It was these programs! It was coaching! And i am going to share with you how if allowed the change I needed!

Coaching has taught me to go outside my comfort zone and try new things! It gives me a confidence I never had! It eases the struggles of living pay check to pay check! It allows me to help others who are where I was!

The programs gave me back my health! I have lost almost 50 lbs and it’s all due to 30-40 minute workouts, that are all done from my home! Also to have access to a nutrition plan that taught me portion Control and what foods to eat but still allowing for wine, pizza and chocolate!

And let’s not forget the bootcamps I run monthly that give accountability, support, mindset, nutrition and lifestyle tips, full of a community of ladies there for you through the good and the bad!

Be it as a coach or just a challenger, if you can relate to this and are ready for a change then Fill out the application below!!

Also we offer a 30 Day results of refund money back guarantee! So you truly have everything to gain and Nothen to lose

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