Tristan Duncan

Joining this business with me might just change your life!

☆︎ You see after I had my son, money was tighter than tight! Right after he was born, my husband and I moved out on our own for the first time ever.. and of course as soon as we got moved into our new place, BOTH of our vehicles broke down! So on top of the expenses that come with having a baby, we were starting from scratch to furnish our new home, and we had two broken down cars! He gets paid weekly from working chicken houses and I was getting paid biweekly maternity leave from my job, but we were struggling to make ends meet still!
Then one night I came across this girls Facebook page who had it all..... I was so tired of seeing all these “girls” making it big on social media... & I thought why can’t that be me? ★︎ Well in that moment I decided, I’m tired of suffering. I refuse for this to be my life forever!
Just one week in after starting my social media business, we had the extra money I was hoping for. And I realized in that moment—I was led straight to that girl on Facebook for SO MUCH MORE!! I started this working with this business thinking it would just be a side job to make extra money.
Now a couple of months in, I have started making as much as my regular pay from my main job! We have fixed our cars and bought everything we need for our son and our home! When just a few weeks ago, being financially secure again felt impossible! This is truly for everyone. Are you tired of your situation enough?!
That girl on my newsfeed changed my life.
•We are paying off all of our debt.
•We have the freedom to just go wherever.
•Have Money saved for vacation...
Five seconds of courage bought me freedom. ☆
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