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Music — July edition

Instead of spamming people on my story about the music I like, I’ve decided to make a top picks list to share.

In this list, you’ll find some songs I’ve been jamming to this month. Click the album image to listen to the songs, it is connected to Spotify.

Lemme know your thoughts and what songs you’ve been listening too!


June — 12AM

From June’s album ‘Today’, 12AM is a chill vibes with hella nice and smooth vocals


Nafla — Wu

Nafla (stands for Natural Flavour) is a Korean/American hip hop artist. One of my favourite K-rappers in the game at the moment. Nafla’s flow is sick and he respects the culture. Listen to his Wu tribute here.


Big boi — Shutterbug

YOOOOO. First of all, this is such a throwback track for me and I LOVE the groovy chorus. “Babyyyyyy, you’re in my system”. Go listen to it


REMI — 5.AM.

My guys came back with another track and BLESSED us all. Deep track, good vibes, take yo mumma out for lunch kind of deal.


Kaiit — Miss Shiney

If you don’t know Kaiit by live under a rock. Sis out here making bops all the time. With her chill vibes, deadly runs and lyrics, you’ll be adding Kaiit to your playlist REAL QUICK.


Eric Bellinger — The sexy song

it’s literally THE SEXY SONG. No more needs to be said, just go listen to the smooth runs and moody beats. You won’t regret it.


DEAN feat. Anderson Paak — Put my hands on you

DEAN is one of my favourite artists at the moment. I admire the way he experiments with his vibe and music. Wait till you hear the beat switch on the track. It’s nice as hell. Trust.


Common Kings — Alcoholic

Wanna chill by yourself or with others? This is the song to put on your speakers. Islanders make good music in general, so this greatness was expected.


Sleek — Bounce House

Where my krumpers at? Bounce house has been one of my favourite tracks to lab to.


Ricardo Williams

Add this to your freaky deaky playlist right now. Smooth, deep

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K-RnB — Coming soon

K music is starting to slowly get introduce to the western world. Let me do my part in supporting my faves by sharing with you my top favourite K-RnB artists and songs

Top picks

Chill tunes — volume one — coming soon

Soft, calming beats that really soothe your soul and spirit.

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Mumma edition — coming soon

My ma grew up in the 90’s (jealous), her style and taste of music was popping. I thank my mum for giving me my love for 90’s rnb, you’re a real one. Love you ma.

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Fathers edition — coming soon

My Dad’s type of music is my soul, country and blues driven. He loves the songs that you can play live with a band. He is a drummer so I can understand.
Here are some songs that I love listening to with my dad. Love you too dad.