Trophy Wife


Irish Alternative-Pop artist Trophy Wife (Ruby Smyth) returns with brand new single 'Good Love'.

The track marks Trophy Wife's first original material since the release of her debut EP 'Art' in the winter of 2020, a prelude of what's to be a busy year for the emerging artist.

'Good Love' is a feel-good pop banger, a tonic for what's been a universally tough year, and a look ahead to reconnecting with our friends and loved ones.

Taking inspiration from the larger-than-life choruses of Whitney Houston, the low-key pop musings of King Princess, and the virtuosity of Steely Dan - 'Good Love' is an earworm anthem for the gang just in the nick of time for summer.


“An individual penchant for immediate alt-pop with the funk bump of the former contrasting with the indie-soul of the latter. A unique prospect.” -Nialler9

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Latest video: Thinning (Snail Mail Cover) Live at Windmill Lane Studios


“For Trophy Wife, a solo artist and skilled producer, influences come from every walk of life as she finetunes every aspect of her artistic zeal. While many artists prioritize the melodic science behind producing songs, Smyth focuses on all aspects of her brand, from image to song material to album art.”

“Trophy Wife exudes an energy similar to that of a seasoned veteran and a musician with decades of experience and knowledge. Speaking with her about music is like being taught the art of negligence by Trinity College: a lesson from a maestro. For Ruby Smyth, her musical career is only beginning. And as a master of all things expressive, Trophy Wife’s artistry is only on the up.”

Maeve Harris // Trinity News

“Fusing a depth of knowledge of Art, Literature and Music, Trophy Wife has created an upcoming EP that is simultaneously Pop and Alternative. Creating from a perspective of recognising and embracing the highs of Pop Culture, Trophy Wife remains aware of its darker side, aiming to create accessible, popular music whilst infusing this with challenging concepts and lyrics.”

N-eight Online Zine

(Reviewing Beauty Queen): “Her vocals coo and float atop beds of sparkling guitar flourishes and a soft buoyant rhythm. The track swells gracefully over a lush indie pop soundscape as the subtle intricacies drift between the smooth melody creating a rich laid back chic number.”

Indie Buddie

“Trophy Wife has been releasing proper bangers this year.”

(Reviewing On The Phone): “Trophy Wife’s vocals dance effortlessly between the layers, skating between the little skits of guitar that flit through the verses. Everything about this song is so catchy, and I cannot get enough of it.”

Adam Reeve // Sounds Good Blog