All about us!

Basically, what TropicalTroopRoblox acctually is...

We are bestfriends who work together to run a tiktok account called TropicalTroopRoblox, we post roblox videos, including funny edited clips, and skits, our most viral video (as of now) is getting all of the adopt me pets, Day 1. Our famdom is called the Troopers and over time we have developed a large platform we are so grateful for! 💗

Our Tips!

Things that helped us grow, which could help you!

When we first started, we posted random things, that really wasn't very big at the time, our first viral video was a skit, and we found this by going on the hashtag roblox (you can use the hashtag associated with your account) and scrolled through what was going viral right now. Whatever is big in the area that you post, we recommend that you post at least a bit of that!

Next, we used random hashtags, basic ones, like #fyp #funny, if we even used any at all, we recommend trending hashtags, since we used them in a few of our videos views shot up, they really help you!

Also we recommend you get close with your fan base, convince people they should be part of your fandom, you are a good person, unproblematic and kind! Convince them they won't be wasting their time!

Being active if also important, at least 1 post a day is preferred, but its hard, and even with our platform posting is difficult, sometimes you can feel unmotivated, and thats normal, I recommend scrolling through a hashtag associated with your account, that you use regularly, and remake a few videos, then you don't have to come up with an original idea! (GIVE IB)

Be honest, everyone makes mistakes and sometimes we all get overwhelmed, its better to be honest to you followers then let people make assumptions and rumors about you, if you did something wrong, own up to it, but learn from it!

Thank your followers when you hit milestones, it shows that you are grateful and you really appreciate them, which will make people want to join your fandom, because they know, they are acctually appreciated!

Use your platform for good, don't use your platform if it isn't going to hurt anyone else, please!

Just have fun! Remember some people are horrible and want to hurt people, so show them your perfect without them, you don't need them and you are amazing! You do you! And don't let anyone change you, because you are PERFECT 💗

Our Thank You

To all of the Troopers!

Thank you so much, every single one of you for all of the support, it is put of this world how many loving, caring Troopers we have put there! You have got us through everything, and we are sure that's what you will all continue to do. We can't express how thankful we are, and how much we acctually love you all so much, you genuinely mean everything, EVERYTHING to us both and you are all amazing, beautiful people that will always be loved by us, of course we won't have this account when we are 98, but you will all always have a spot in our hearts, and you are all something we will never forget when we grow old! Thank you so much for being there for us, understanding us, helping us and overall uplifting us, you all deserve everything, and more! Love you all 🤍

Hey, your worth it, and your loved, so never, EVER forget that 💗🤍

From TropicalTroopRoblox

Thank you for using our website!

From TropicalTroopRoblox