Tell the world what you’re made of

Hi my name is Troyanna Marie I’m 28 years old who is still figuring out this whole adulting thing! I like to think I have my ducks in a row but I’d say I don’t even have ducks at this point or a row Actually. I have more like squirrels who forgot where they put their nuts & I some how found them in my house. 🥜 But I’m more like a lone wolf to be honest🐺 I’ve always been one who doesn’t follow directions well & just likes to do my own thing. On my own. My way. I’m a bit of a dreamer I’m told, but that’s only because I have all these ideas that I want to do! 🌈 I have alot of passions and use to think I’m only suppose to have one, but instead I stop putting myself in a box & limiting myself to just one style cause really I LOVE them ALL! 🥰 So one week you might see my classy chic side, the next my funky hipster feels or even my rock’N’roll side too. I’m like a box of chocolate with me, you never know what your gonna get! 🍫 I’m addicted to coffee & you will always catch me @ Starbucks or some fun coffee shop with a cold coffee in my hand☕️ I love photography and so sometimes it’s hard for me to be in front of the camera then behind it! 🎥 (But I’m working on that) I love fashion forward things & love finding the newest trends! 👩‍💻 I’m new to posting my blogs but to be honest I’ve been typing my feelings for a long time. Its easier for me to type on a computer or phone then it is to write it down on paper I guess! I use to LOVE typing class back in elementary school (only 90’s kids will know) & got awarded for fastest typer in my class in 5th grade! I was pretty proud! I was told I’d be a good secretary someday but I felt I was destined to do more with my life then sit behind a computer to type for someone else ( don’t get me wrong if that’s your passion & love to help others do it! I just felt mine was something else!) So I decided I want to write for the world instead! 🌎 💻 So here’s my story...... follow along!