About TRTutoring

Meet Tara

Hi there! My name is Tara. I graduated with my B.S in Chemistry with departmental honors in 2016 from Stony Brook University in NY. I’ve been tutoring chemistry since 2012 anywhere from the high school level to general college chemistry classes. I’ve taught it all from regents level chemistry to AP/IVY Chemistry and students in their first two years of chemistry studies at university. Since graduation I have also had experience tutoring math, biology, physics (regents and AP) and even SAT/ACT preparation.

What I love about Chemistry: Especially at the high school level, chemistry is the first time most students need to combine mathematical concepts with real life applications. Although this new skill set is sometimes tricky for students, it inevitably helps with many areas of study down the line. What I love about the science is understanding how things work at a fundamental level. 🧬🧪

I love tutoring because it really gives the student time to practice the concepts with individual attention that is just hard to match during the regular school day. I truly believe you don’t need to be failing to want or need tutoring support, so whether you are struggling, or just trying to get from an 80% to a 90+ % my services are for you!

Services + Pricing

Working with you or your child is a service I take seriously!

How my tutoring works: I have an automatic scheduling system to book your first session. You will also fill out a small intake form so I can get to know you or your child even before we meet.

Tutoring sessions are one hour long, but the first session you book has an additional 15 minutes so that we can discuss a regular meeting schedule.

Our calls will take place over Zoom. Zoom is available on your computer or as an app on your phone. Access the call via the “location URL” link on your confirmation email.

Please make sure you add our call to your calendar and put an email you check regularly. You will receive reminders directly to your email for our calls.

Payment: Payment is accepted via Stripe or PayPal for the first session only through the booking software. (I have found this helps things be more streamlined) After the first session I will give you my Venmo or Cashapp information to be due each week before each session.

If you have any questions before booking your first session please DM me on Instagram or email [email protected],com with the subject line of the subject you are looking for tutoring in.

Regents Chemistry, Math, Biology and Physics

I can support you or your child in regents or general chemistry, math, biology and physics. If there is a regents class you are looking for support with not explicitly listed please feel free to reach out and see how I can best support you.

Cost: $60/session

AP, IB and College Level Chemistry

I love supporting my students inside of higher level chemistry classes including community college or four year university students. I have experience both as a student of these classes and having tutored these subjects for many years.

Investment: $60/Session

SAT/ACT Preperation

I am currently building up my skill set in supporting students on their SAT/ACT preparation. This service will be available by May of 2021.

Investment: $60/Session