Hi! I’m Amy Clinton.

Let me introduce myself

I am a certified health coach, host of Midlife Reignited, and founder of The Third Quarter Transformation.

My specialty is inspiring midlife mamas to feel empowered, confident, and excited about their life by helping them sort through all the questions they have regarding their health, their mindset, their relationships, and their goals. 💃

In my free time I love planning adventure days with my husband, laughing with friends, and spending as much time in the woods 🌳 or on the water👙as possible.

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The Third Quarter Transformation

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Everyone needs a little extra help once in a while. And by the time we’ve reached midlife, everything seems to be changing. Our kids are grown, our marriages may feel less than exciting or didn’t survive the years, our bodies are changing, and we start wondering how we got here.

We look in the mirror and struggle to recognize the woman staring back at us.

I know without the help of my coaches and mentors, I never would have found the clarity I needed to make some big shifts that have changed everything for me.

If you’re ready to put yourself first again, and you would like some support on how to accomplish that, personalized coaching is for you.

Together we will discover what’s standing in your way, how to move past those blocks, and get you on the path to what you truly want.

It’s time to take back your power and start putting you first again.

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