About us

Where movement quality comes first

True to its name, True Technique represents and delivers the core principles behind preventative and correctional functional methods of exercise. Challenging the status quo, Tim works against the grain of the mainstream fitness approach. True Technique recognizes the common movement dysfunctions practiced on a day to day basis, which can lead to ongoing pain and injury. The long-term, sustainable solution is driven by the systematic approach to learning and perfecting the way you exercise.

Of course, we encourage and practice an evidence-based approach to training, however, we actively support and incorporate the concept of play into daily movement and exercise. Movement is a direct and deep expression of self and the freedom to do so is warranted within our walls. What was once play in our youth, becomes work as an adult. True Technique endeavors to break down these limitations and release lost creativity.We give you the opportunity to redeem your inner child. We implement and practice Gymnastics as well as traditional functional training and strength training.

Group training focused, True Technique promotes a healthy, wholesome culture of interaction and social development within the facility environment. We believe group training provides a third space between work and home, where you can be you. Our vision encompasses a unified, yet the individual experience of personal growth and development. We see great benefit both physically and mentally in working alongside like-minded people, towards similar aspirations and accomplishments. This creates an energy like no other.
What’s most important to us?
“To be able to deliver the best research has to offer for training; for it to be coached effectively and for us to have fun doing it!” – Owner, Founder, and Head Coach – Tim Sunderland

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