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The best time for new beginnings is now. Hi, my name is Truly. A small town northern gal from Canada who had big dreams and a small pocket book. Rewind to Sept 2016. I was looking for an opportunity to change my life, right! Don’t we all. I just didn’t know what it was or when it would happen. But I knew, I deserved more. I was at the time walking around with a mullet. Yup a mullet my friends due to a chemical bleach application from a stylist that went wrong. So devastating & for seven years I suffered with broken, fried hair. I was so embarrassed. I used only professional brands that didn’t work. I came across Monat and knew I needed to try it. I mean I tried everything else so why not. Saying yes ended up to be the best decision of my life. Now, I get to offer this to you. Offering you the best hair & skin products in the world with a million dollar business opportunity, yes you heard me right. A exciting business that will change your life. A simple duplicatable system all from the comforts of your home or wherever you choose. You don’t need a back ground in anything. I didn’t. Anyone can do this and be successful. Can you imagine the feeling of freedom and having no financial worries and only opportunity unfold. Traveling all over the world on luxury vacations as a perk. How about a paid for luxury vehicle. Having the most incredible hair & skin of your life? Sounds too good to be true? Its simple. If you are ready for more in your life and have a big heart for others than you are already set! With global expansion in a multi billion dollar opportunity, it’s your time. We are just getting started. You clicked for a reason. Your intrigued and ready for change. Turn your dreams, your wishes, your “what ifs “ into YOUR life. Today,

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You cant go back to start a new beginning. But you can start today and make your new ending.

My top picks

I cannot live without {well let’s be honest all of them} but here are my top!

I’m obsessed. I’m picky and I know a good thing when I find it! Search no longer for the best hair & skin of your life. Natural based products punched with clinical studies to deliver results. Grow your hair, cure, heal, manageability, shine. Youthful, healthy skin & hair is right here. So let’s just say, O.M.Goodness bye bye to your hair & skin struggles and hello to RESULTS. Finally, something that works that is good for us and the entire family. You won’t recognize your hair & skin! That’s my promise to you,

Rejuvinique Oil

The oil of all oil’s. You GUYS! Let me tell you. What sets us apart is our millicular structure penetrates through the hair cortex to heal from the inside out. I use the oil everyday! EVERYDAY! Once a week overnight oil soaks for my scalp and hair. Use as a daily oil for my skin and hair. This is the game changer. Nickname is called liquid gold. It really is gold. I can’t live without it! 13 botanical oils deprived from around the world that deliver results. A duplication of our own natural body oils that we loose as we age. Well I’m here go tell you, you don’t age with Monat. That’s a fact. Youthful hair and skin starts here,


Say bye bye to split ends for good! Yup that’s right. 100 % cure your split ends in 60 seconds. Oh yes! This is what I’m saying. Miracles in a bottle. I LOVE my beads!

Replenish Masque

The original OG! Let me say, if you have brittle, dry, damaged hair I love this masque. It’s always been my go to. Leave on for 5 min. Rinse out. The silk of all silliness happy hair is delivered. As this masque is pure protein, keep in mind you need to follow with a conditioner to seal your follicle. I use this masque once a week. Rich and silky too touch. Cure, heal, love and nourish those locks with this incredible masque.

Oil Nourish Shampoo & Conditioner

Let me tell you! These two beauties are brand new and I’m obsessed. Very hydrating with jam packed nourishment. These bad boys do not disappoint. Hydrating and light weight! Designed for the curly and thick hair but let me tell you they are crowd pleasers for any hair types. The smell is to die for for, so yummy. My hair feels like silk afterwards! My go too for months now,

Where are my chemically damaged ladies, feeling hopeless with your fragile hair ?

Okay, I UNDERSTAND! I was there. The extension queen due to the dreaded chemical damage. I get it! Don’t worry, I got you! Introducing the Reconstructing Collection. Designed for damaged, over-processed, thin, brittle hair. One solid month of use! You will be wow’d! Trust me. This collection comes with 4 products designed to cure you hair.

Best skin of your life!

Okay! I never used skin care until now! My mind is blown. Not only is my skin hydrating, Tighter, zero breakouts. My makeup glides on so smooth. I’m obsessed. I LOVE my skin now. I’m in love with the { be gentle} skin care line. There is two lines to choose from. My line is designed for sensitive skin. Second line is designed for combination skin. I can help match you. Let me say, I’m so happy I decided to be nice to my skin. We are the leaders in anti-aging! Say bye to fine lines and wrinkles. I like to call the skin care, Botox in a bottle, I highly recommend the Berry Scrub & Eye Smooth which is bye bye dark circles! My absolute MUST haves. Love your skin again,

Blow your mind with the blow out cream!

Blow out cream. This lil gem is a power packed formulation that gives your hair shine, sleekness, manageability and is a heat protectant. I know, say what! All in one. I use it as a cocktail with my Rejuvabeads on wash days. Game changer. Protect those locks! Light weight and smells so fresh and yummy. A must have in my lineup,