Hey, I'm Megan!

I'm so excited you're here!!

I'm a Jesus-loving mama of 3 kids and a wife! I am a Reflexologist with a passion for natural health and fitness! I have experience working in a natural health food store, and learned so much from the homeopathic doctors I worked for!

As the world turned upside down and then shut down as we entered into a new historical time, I found myself at home with my 3 kiddos full time.

I decided to enroll into a part-time Natural Nutrition Program to one day become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist!! I continue to study while I currently homeschool my children as well!

With the financial uncertainty that came from being temporarily out of work, I prayed fiercely for God to guide me on this new journey. I didn't know what I would do for work in the mean time, I felt obligated to help financially but also to be home, present, and provide my kids with the time and attention they need to succeed academically.

Through some amazing and God-given connections, i joined a homeschooling group of like-minded mothers. One mother in particular stood out and we connected quickly. I have never heard of her business but was blown away by how successful she was.

Being an ingredient-conscious person, pursuing education in the natural health field, it was deeply important to me that what I was about to jump into was clean and something i could stand behind. I watched her for a couple more weeks and finally reached out!

I researched the products and ingredients and I was amazed and fully on board (without ever trying a single product first)!! This was my answer to prayer! This was something I could incorporate into my own future practice and something I could make extra money at as well!

This business has allowed me the flexibility to stay home while I homeschool and do my own schooling, to dream so much bigger and teach my kids that anything is possible if you put your mind to it! It doesnt matter where you are in your story, you always have the option to re-write it!

I am working hard to create a life with unlimited potential and I'd absolutely love to help you do the same!