The Blueprint


Firstly Happy New Years,secondly it’s just about finding peace and being hot.🖤On a realer note Let’s keep our heads up and keep it 🎴= P’’ and it is.

Welcome to my
blog I hope you guys will find it pleasant and, side note with the YouTube coming I can’t wait so half of what I’ll be blogging about you mostly will see it via vlogs but I mean I’m a writer have been since Forever ; -) so this is definitely my hobby

•I have 3 blogs in total all providing different sides to me(the icon).
•I’m now posting content on Instagram as well ~~I know shocking if you want to support me there too
•One day my children will come on here and relive/feel the type of person I was and what I liked at their age right mind blowing so yeah this is a journal too.They gon be like Damn Mom was cool.

Life is such a fucking dream. Remembering you are literally writing the script to your life every moment of everyday is your super power, knowing you have the choice to switch thoughts on and off (once you learn how), you get to choose what you fill your mind with, visions of success or visions of loosing. You have free will to decide if you get up and journal about your dream life or scroll through instagram. These are the freedoms we have. 
In the end we’re all stories

Ps :I don’t not owe any copyright to the pictures used .