About Brittany

~ Welcome Beautiful People ~

Hiya ! I’m Brittany or Britt ~
Thanks for hopping on my page !

I was born and raised in Honolulu, HI
I’m just a typical dweeb that loves listening to oldies alternative music, playing video games, learning about history, and watching anime.
Even though I’m a very shy gal, I stayed as a retail sales associate doing 9-5 shifts for 3+ years at different retailers.
I always grew up around loving animals and this drives me to pursue my career to become a vet technician some day. I’m a late bloomer when it came to figuring out where I wanted to be when it comes to career. Despite the struggle, I’am beyond blessed to have God, my family, friends, and fur babies by my side for encouragement and support !

With Monat, at first I was very skeptical. But to see how much of a beautiful community this company is, how the products made a difference, and how beneficial it could be in the long run to get to my dreams, I went for it !. This company is flexible with planning my own schedule to be with my family, earning the amount of money that will help keep me alive and well, inspire and help people through their struggles, as well as keep my hair / skin healthy !
Most importantly, Monat gives me and everyone else a chance to strive to shape/change to become confident individuals and to have a brighter future.

Swipe if you’re interested in trying the products or willing to join working with me. Then we can get started together on this journey ! ~

~ Keep In Mind ~

“Spend a little more time trying to make something for yourself and a little less time trying to impress others.” -The Breakfast Club

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