What is TT Creatives?

TT Creative is a branding and marketing agency in Kingston, Jamaica which aids in assisting individuals to create and develop branding and marketing strategies for their business.

TT Creatives includes (3) course sessions:

Course Titles & Descriptions:

•High-Level Creatives:
(Learning about customer service management, creating effective engagement for customers/clients, How to market your goods or services, Creating Ads/promotions for your business and GETTING THAT SALE attitude!)

Length of session: (2 weeks)
Hours: (2 hours and 45 minutes)
Cost: ($5,000 JMD) ($35.00 USD)

•Mid-Level Creatives:
(Learning about Online business/management,
What is customer Service and Types of Marketing Strategies)

Length of session: (1 week)
Hours: (2 hours)
Cost: ($4,500 JMD) ($31.00 USD)

•Starter Creatives:
(Answering and discussing the 4 W’s on becoming a business owner and making it a reality)
1. What is your goal?
2. What is your passion?
3. What type of business would you like to establish?
4. Why did you choose to become a business owner?

Length of session: (3 days)
Hours: (1 hour)
Cost: ($3,500 JMD) ($24.00 USD)

•One on one Creatives (LIMITED):
(For student’s reinforcement & personal business discussions)

Length of session: N/A
Hours: 45 minutes
Cost: ($2,500 JMD) ($17.00 USD)

Requirements for sessions:

• A PC computer
• Stationery items (pen, pencil, highlighter, eraser and a notebook)
• Stable WiFi or Data
• Quiet space

Course Information:

• 20 spaces ONLY for each sessions (you may be added to our next session if requested session is full)
• Live sessions via Zoom
• Open to anyone
• Class materials (emailed PowerPoint presentations)
• Access to WhatsApp group & Email list
• 5 minutes consultation via phone call upon registration

Thank you for trusting TT Creatives on your new business journey! #Creatives