“The adventure of life is in seeking and adopting your own set of personal truths.”

Truths To Live By

- God, god, Source, The Creator, etc., they are all the same universal energy of creation. It is the vibration and energy of all that has been, is, and ever will be created.
- I AM god having a human EXPERIENCE. We ALL are.
- All souls created by God/god/Source are created with the full consciousness of The Creator. We all contain within us all the energy/power of God/god/Source.
- We are all multi dimensional souls of light who agreed to incarnate in the 3rd dimension and experience complete amnesia from who we truly are.
- The 3rd dimension (earth, Gaia) is a game known as The Game of Separation. We came here to play the game and use the tools we left ourselves to wake up within the game, realize we are the creator and take control of creating our own reality (manifestation).
- “The Matrix” is a program/consciousness that was created when souls made their contracts with Gaia. The Matrix is what holds another piece of the game that creates the illusion of separation.
- The ego self is part of The Matrix program. Freeing ourselves from the ego, and thus freeing ourselves from The Matrix requires expansion of our own consciousness/raising our own personal vibration.
- The ego self is an auto-pilot program we set to activate when we incarnated in this reality. Our higher self is our ability to bypass the auto-pilot program and execute our free will.
- The amount of free will (creatorship) we have within the game is related to our level of consciousness/vibration level. The average human vibration level on earth is courage. People who have a level of consciousness in courage are only able to execute 5% of their free will.
- Love is the vibration of creation. To become a high level achiever and ultimately a master of your own reality you must first master self-love and self-acceptance.
- People are not directly destroying the Earth. Gaia was a young planet when she began making soul contracts and creating her matrix grid. The effects we see in the world are a result of too many people running on autopilot (not waking up) within the matrix.
- There are two forms of consciousness existing within us. The Matrix which is the consciousness of Gaia (Earth) which all humans are tapped into. And, the God consciousness which takes an intentional effort to tap into and develop a channel with. This is where you can access angels, guides, member of your soul family and all other beings of light.
- Gaia sent a distress call for Starseeds to come to earth and incarnate in order to anchor higher vibrations within the matrix and begin to wake up other Starseeds and light workers to reverse the downward trajectory of Earth.
- One high vibrational soul can offset the vibration of millions of lower vibrational souls stuck on autopilot. That means each one of us has the power to directly change humanity on Earth contained within us.
- Your soul/higher self created the game specific to you and is therefore your direct lifeline to beating the game.
- The rules of the game (the soul contract we created) is different for everyone. It revolves around a set of lessons we have agreed to overcome (karma), talents to help us work through our karma, and goals we can achieve as we work through our karma and engage our talents.
- In order to manifest quickly and become creator it requires an individual to have high levels of consciousness and in alignment with their higher self and the rules of the game (I.e., karma, talent, goals).
- we use tools such as Chakra opening/healing/balancing therapies, Energy Healing, Astrological Birth Charts and Soul Contracts to help ourselves, our children and our clients become fully empowered as high vibrational, multidimensional beings of light who can become creators in their own lives.

Levels of Consciousness/Vibration Level —

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