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my name is melissa, deeznutz,BLM, alm (animal lives matter) and wlm.

im british and portuguese 🇵🇹 cats>> dogs i have an ibf ,which is olga, (@charliddamns) and a irl best friend called natalia 🤪🤪

i make edits of fear street, stranger things and other series/ movies that i like, but most of the time i like to do edits about millie bobby brown or noah schnapp.

My favourite books to read!

top picks

This card is going to be about all my top picks for my favourite books! <3

enjoy x

Suspicous Minds- Gwenda Bond

If you think you know the truth about Eleven’s mother, prepare to have your mind turned Upside Down.

Its the summer of 1969. The world. is changing, and Terry Ives isn’t content to watch from the sidelines. When word gets around about an important government experiment, she signs on as a test subject.

But behind the walls of Hawkins National Laboratory- and the piercing gaze of its director, Dr Martin Brenner - lurks a dark conspiracy. To face it, she’ll need the help of her fellow test subjects, including a mysterious young girl with unexplainable powers.. (took me long enough omg)

If It Bleeds- Stephen King

News people have a saying: ‘if it bleeds, it leads’.

Following a horrific explosion at a school, Holly Gibney of the Finders Keepers detective agency notices something suspicious about the TV reporter who is first on the scene. In this riveting title story, Holly sets out to discover what he is hiding in her first solo crime case.

Dancing alongside this stand-alone sequel to The Outsider are three more irresistible long stories: ‘Mr Harrigan’s Phone’ sees young Craig introduce a curmudgeonly retired businessman to the wonders of the smartphone; ‘The Life of Chuck’ is a three act life-story - told in reverse order- about a man whose dace appears on a billboard; and ‘Rat’ sees a struggling author head to a remote cabin in the woods of North Maine, where a deal-making rodent offers him a life-changing pact.

The Weather Weaver- Tamsin Mori

What if you could befriend a cloud? What weather would you choose? What if the weather matched itself to your mood, whether you wanted it to, or not?

“You’ll be needing this.” Tamar held out the bag. Stella frowned in confusion. “What for?” “I need you to fetch me a cloud,” said Tamar. “Um, i cant do that… clouds are, well, clouds ,” said Stella. “Of course you can,” said Tamar. “Just because you haven’t done it before doesn’t mean you cant. Go and fetch me a cloud.”