TT’s Happy Journey

Thank you for checking out my page. I only post things that are important to me, make me laugh, make me mad and anything that I truly believe in. I believe in The Happy Company products! 2020 was a lot for all of us. I started to work from home, adopted a dog, and my mother had knee replacement surgery. I was feeling anxious, steadily gaining weight and not sure if I can handle it all at once. My friend was posting on Facebook about products she is using that are really helping her with anxiety and keeping her focused and energized. The bonus was that they also helped her with appetite suppression for weight loss. Sounded like exactly what I needed.

I placed an order for the Hot Chocolate (Choclevate) and the Happy Caps and it was the best decision I have made. I am more focused, calm, and I have more energy to exercise. I have No Jitters or No End Of The Day Crash. I EASILY LOST 8 POUNDS IN THE FIRST 2 WEEKS OF USING THE PRODUCTS!! (probably more but did not weigh myself when I first started) After approximately 3 months and I am down 25 pounds and my doctor has taken me off of my pre-diabetes medication. That is such a huge milestone for me. Even if I dont lose another pound, coming off of maintenance medication is the biggest victory for me. Along with the products I am following a Low Carb/Keto diet. It has been easy and fun discovering all of the Yummy Drinks I can make with these products and my new way of cooking.

The Birthday Cake flavored Protein Shake is a game changer in the meal replacement market. I add strawberries and have as my lunch. OMG YOU ALL! It really tastes like 🎂BIRTHDAY CAKE🎂; just like licking the bowl after your mom made a cake when you were a kid (of course I don't do that as an adult 🤥). There is NO chalky aftertaste and I am completely full for the rest of the day. I incorporate the Zest Plus Lemonade🍋 that has been giving me an extra boost of energy in the afternoon and keeping me from unnecessary snacking. (It is so delicious!) There are various products to customize a regimen for anyone. The Happy Coffee is what the Happy Co is known for.

If you are ready to make a change like me, please click on my link to place your order. Email me if you need more info to get started.