I’m Not Your Baby. the collection

Pre-orders opening soon.

the Sarah dress.

Inspired by our favourite little princess, Sarah’s for the dreamers, the picnickers, the sleep in late & wake up to a bedroom-feast kinda lovers.

Available in 2 colourways. She’s a keeper.

the Lily dress.

The heart of this collection: a beating, blissful, opalescent daydream. The word tender was made for her. & she’s reversible , too!

Frolick in the forest. Feast with the fairies. Eat at your favourite dinner spot for the 160th time. You do you: the Lily will bring the magic.

Available in 2 colourways.

the Vera dress.

Peachy. Poufy. Pretty damn perfect. Our forever-favourite, the Vera, has been eating peaches & cream every night after dinner.

Don your best dancing Docs & give her a twirl. Vera loves that sh*t.

Born to bloom

Sit down. Be quiet. Stay mild, and modest, and meek. That's what nice little girls are made for.

F*ck that.

tulle&risks is made for the wallflowers who refuse to stop blooming. For the fast talkers and conversation-starters. The free-fallers and the bad dancers.

For the boys in bloomers and girls giggling so loud it glows. For everyone that's ever been told they don't get to dance in the light.

From my heart to yours. I hope you love it here.