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One of the tourist places of Tolima

Tourist guide of the Tuluni Caverns, you can find information about the place, princes, schedules and an updated map of the complete place.

El Tambor is located in the Vereda Tuluní in the municipality of Chaparral Tolima; crystal clear waters, rock formations (stalactites and stalagmites) that make this place a suitable setting for adventure and fun.

They are located at a distance of 2 hours and a half from the city of Ibagué and 4 hours and a half from the city of Bogotá. Upon arrival, it is necessary to hire the guide service since the inhabitants of the area know the route in detail and provide us with the security measures we need. (recommendations, equipment... etc.).

The tour lasts approximately 5 to 6 hours; Depending on the physical state. Visitors should wear light clothing since they have to cross the River skin three times

Upon arrival at the Guapacoes cave, the guide gave us a mask, since the smell in this cave is strong due to poor ventilation and the large number of Guapacoes and other animals that inhabit it, we adjusted the vest, the helmet and turned on the flashlights. .

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