Here are some tips for fanpages

Don’t like your own videos
( If you like your own videos you will get shadow banned, shadow banned means your videos don’t go on the fyp and barely anyone see’s them )

Respect others opinions
( If you don’t atleast respect others opinions, you will get a bunch of hate and people won’t respect your opinions too )

Ignore the hate
( Don’t reply to haters and waste your time, you can just block people who hate, or delete hate comments )

Keep your account organized
( if you are an aesthetic fp, if you switch themes restart your account! )

Interact with your fans
( If a fan comments on your video reply to them with a nice thing don’t leave them with no reply! )

Use aesthetic sounds
( If you are an aesthetic fp, use aesthetic sounds it will make your account so much better! )

Give credits for everything
( Always give credits, if you took someone’s theme give tc it means theme credits if you took someone’s question idea give ib it means idea by or inspired by )

Get to know me!

Here are some things about me!

- I’m a girl
- my idol is char
- I’m a really picky eater
- my fav colour is yellow
- my fav food is pizza
- my fav song is drivers liscence ( I have lots more )
- my zodiac is a leo
- my bday is July 24th
- yeah that’s it ily!!